How to choose a candy bar – top 10 tips

A candy bar is a device that combines a monitor and a system unit. It allows you to permanently get rid of a large number of wires surrounding a regular computer. But the gadget got out of the category of devices for “favorites” not so long ago.

There are dozens of different offers on the market. Therefore, it is difficult to decide how to choose a monoblock computer. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 tips to help you find the best model. We have reviewed the most important characteristics and features that the candy bar provides to the user in different situations.

Pros and cons of a candy bar

How to choose a candy bar - top 10 tips

Monoblocks have won a place under the “market sun” and are gradually replacing conventional computers on users ‘ desks. And this is not surprising. This type of equipment has plenty of advantages:

  1. You can do without a bunch of wires – only one plug is inserted into the network, and not 2-3, as usual. And peripherals are easily connected wirelessly.
  2. The candy bar is compact. He will find a place on any table. And the huge box will not get in the way under your feet.
  3. The device usually has a large screen diagonal. In fact, this is a TV with a computer filling. Therefore, the candy bar has a good image.

At the same time, it is worth remembering about one important disadvantage of the monoblock – a difficult configuration upgrade. As a rule, manufacturers revoke the warranty if the user decides to change something in the device. And the layout is as compact as possible, so it will be difficult to find new components and insert them into the case. In this regard, the candy bar is much inferior to conventional computers.

An important caveat: if you compare a regular PC and a candy bar, then with the same power, the latter will be much more expensive. Professional models for games or design for less than 100 thousand rubles are difficult to find.

It should be understood that initially monoblocks were created mainly for professionals-designers, programmers and other people associated with working at a computer. Therefore, the devices were designed to be quite productive. But their narrow specifics made them not very convenient for other tasks. However, over time, the candy bar has become almost 100% universal.

Select the type of candy bar

How to choose a candy bar - top 10 tips

Like any other device on the market, the candy bar has thousands of variations. Before buying, you must immediately decide for what purpose the candy bar is required. Otherwise, there is a risk of either overpaying for a machine that doesn’t need 70% of its functionality at all, or getting a weak computer.

So, what types can be distinguished?:

  1. For work and study. When such a device is supposed to be used as an office horse, then do not worry – the technical characteristics will not become a problem. Any modern monoblock will pull office work. It will digest mail, Word, spreadsheets, anything.
  2. For home use (multimedia). Medium-sized monoblock configuration. Must “digest” a video player with a good quality movie or YouTube with a similar video. Therefore, it is worth choosing a fairly productive, but not the maximum option.
  3. For games and “heavy” programs. The configuration must be the most powerful to pull the maximum number of modern games and programs. This is exactly what is suitable for professional designers and gamers. Remember that the hardware in a candy bar and a regular PC is different – it is weaker, despite the name. Just like in laptops.

In General, we recommend that you do the following::

  1. Determine the list of necessary programs that should work on the monoblock, and the maximum possible purchase price.
  2. Study their system requirements (preferably “recommended” ones).
  3. Write out the system requirements of the most productive and” heavy ” program. Or create a list of requirements if several of them require the maximum performance at once.

According to the data obtained, it is necessary to select a candy bar, choosing a model slightly “with a margin”, if finances allow. If not, then it is enough to buy a gadget” end-to-end ” according to the characteristics.

Manufacturer of monoblock

The next step is to choose a manufacturer. It should be understood that each company creates a product for its own target audience. And the technical characteristics of the device will depend on this. There are quite a lot of options here:

  1. Apple-makes iMac monoblocks designed specifically for designers, coders, and other people working with graphics. It has the best monitor of all. The price corresponds to the quality and even exceeds it.
  2. Microsoft-the company produces the only monoblock Surface Studio, also specifically for designers. The model is sharpened just for this-the monitor is non-standard, has a special resolution and format.
  3. MSI, a gaming device company, decided to take up monoblocks as well. But she created several lines at once – super-configurations for gamers (MSI Gaming), less productive ones for office workers (MSI Pro) and models of excellent quality for everyday use (MSI Adora).
  4. Lenovo – the company is focused on the budget segment, occupying it with quite productive and high-quality models for work and study. But without unnecessary frills. The products are suitable for undemanding users at home or in the office.
  5. Acer-the company has covered all market segments: there are both weak office monoblocks and modern gaming models. The quality is quite decent, and the prices are quite affordable. With proper skill, you can find a great candy bar.

Naturally, these are not all companies that produce monoblocks. But they create the most high-quality and successful models that are worth the money.

Remember: a designer candy bar is never suitable for games. an “Office” gadget with a mediocre filling is not able to cope with heavy design programs. And the game one will be too powerful for work and not quite convenient for working with photos/videos and so on (although it will pull them in terms of characteristics).

The screen

How to choose a candy bar - top 10 tips

Monoblocks usually have high-quality screens. The display diagonal depends on the functions assigned to the device. As a rule, monoblocks can be divided into two large groups:

  1. Casual (up to 24 inches). They are suitable for users who do not want something grandiose from a candy bar-for example, to watch a movie, learn or work. The recommended resolution for these models is Full HD, but not necessarily higher.
  2. Professional (from 24 inches). As a rule, such models have a much better configuration and are sharpened for a specific task – for example, for creating graphic content or for computer games. The resolution also depends on the task: it is better for designers to buy the maximum possible, and for gamers 2K is enough (otherwise there may be lags in games).

The most common thing now is an IPS matrix-this is the most suitable option, because it provides high-quality color reproduction and excellent viewing angles. In addition, designers recommend buying a candy bar with a screen color gamut of at least sRGB – this will allow you to see the image in the form in which it was created. Otherwise, the colors may be distorted.

All-in-ones come with a glossy and matte screen. The latter is convenient if the gadget is located in a place where the sun’s rays will fall on it. But these models have slightly lowered brightness and changed color reproduction due to the type of coating. Glossy ones are more versatile, but fade in the light.

An important feature of some candy bars is the touch screen. Whether it is really needed is up to you. But it is worth knowing that for everyday use, the touch screen does not carry any important function. It is not very convenient to move your finger on a 30-inch monitor. Then why do we need this function? For designers and artists! Using pen input, you can draw or edit an image directly on the screen, which is much more convenient.


It is important to understand that changing the processor in a candy bar is unprofitable and very difficult. Therefore, you must immediately choose the best option. But to make the right choice, you need to understand that processor performance depends not only on the number of cores. As a rule, this is influenced by three factors::

  1. Generation of processor.
  2. Clock frequency.
  3. Nuclear power.

It is these indicators that are important when choosing. It should be understood that the newer the processor and the better the combination of these three characteristics, the better and more productive it is. But also more expensive. So for a gaming or professional candy bar, it is better to choose expensive but efficient processors with a maximum of GHz and cores. And for the worker, a simpler option is enough.

But which manufacturer should you pay attention to? There are only two options-AMD and Intel. Both are roughly equal in terms of technology and usability. But AMD is cheaper, even if only slightly. Each manufacturer creates several lines of processors. And how to understand the labeling? Let’s make a small table for simplicity. We have identified processors that are suitable for various monoblocks:

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