How to choose an air conditioner for your apartment and home: which one is better, rating 2021-2022-Your choice

Cooling and heating, additional ventilation and air filtration – all these are useful properties of split-system air conditioners. On a hot, stuffy day, it will blow you with a stream of fresh air, and on a frosty winter evening, it will warm up the air, filling the rooms with an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort.

Types of air conditioners

Split systems are air-conditioning systems consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit. There are many different types of split systems, one of which is wall-mounted air conditioners. All the models included in our TOP 5 list belong to this type. However, the main division of air conditioners is based on the type of heating systems:

  • inverter systems-operating on the principle of a frequency Converter, which regulates the voltage depending on the ambient temperature or a given mode. They are very economical in energy saving, more durable and can withstand constant long-term loads.;
  • non-inverter systems – air conditioners that work on the “on/off” principle. They are much cheaper and easier to handle than their inverter counterparts, but they are less economical to handle.

Choosing an air conditioner: tips for choosing one

Among the fundamental criteria for choosing split-system air conditioners are::

  • Energy consumption class. Since most air conditioners work at least 8 hours a day or more, the opportunity to save a significant amount on electricity is of interest to almost every user. Minimum recommended energy saving class-A;

Oddly enough, the power of the air conditioner indicated in the parameters (usually from 2.1 kW) does not mean that 2 kilowatts will be added to the electricity meter every hour. This device uses two types of power: as such, the cooling/heating capacity (just the minimum 2 kW) and the actual power consumption of the network in cooling or heating modes. A specific example:

  • Cooling/heating power: 2600w / 2800w
  • Cooling/heating power consumption: 718w / 733w
  • Coverage of the working area – how many square meters will be covered by the air conditioner. The larger the room and the number of people in it, the more powerful equipment you will have to buy;
Square footage Power (kW) BTU (thousands)
up to 20 m2 2,1 7
up to 25 m2 2,6 9
up to 35 m2 3,5 12
up to 50 m2 5,2 18
More than 50 m2 7 24
  • Dimensions for placement and embedding.

When choosing an air conditioner, evaluate only the real area of the room in which it is installed — you should not buy it “with a margin” for the area of the entire apartment. Even open interior doors without forced circulation will not be able to spread the desired temperature everywhere.

In the rating below, air conditioners with a serviced room area of up to 30 sq. m. were taken — this power is enough to cool and heat the average hall/living room.

Rating of the best air conditioners-2021-2022

5th place-Roda RS-A09F/RU-A09F (from 10 590 RUB.)

Roda RS-A09F / RU-A09F is a simple and multifunctional wall-mounted air conditioner from the German manufacturer. The indoor unit of the air conditioner is made of the highest quality anti-allergenic plastic, controlled remotely using an IR remote control.

How to choose an air conditioner for your apartment and home: which one is better, rating 2021-2022-Your choice

Technical specifications:

  • Type: wall-mounted split system
  • Dimensions of the indoor unit (mobile air conditioner): 690×283×199 mm
  • Dimensions of the external unit (window air conditioner): 663×421×254 mm
  • Service area: 25 m2
  • Communication length: 10 m
  • Power consumption: class A
  • Maximum air flow: 8 cubic meters / min
  • Control: remote (remote)

Additional parameters:

  • maximum power in cooling mode – 2650 W;
  • maximum power in heating mode – 2750 W;
  • standard: ventilation and dehumidification mode, ” warm start»;
  • automatic temperature control;
  • self-diagnosis of system problems;
  • timer for turning the device on and off;
  • single-phase air conditioner;
  • air flow direction control;
  • anti-ice system;
  • fan speed control;
  • built-in memory of set modes;
  • minimum permissible temperature for the air conditioner: -5°C.


  • the air conditioner automatically maintains the temperature and favorable microclimate in the room;
  • high-quality Assembly and “thoughtful” split system;
  • one of the most affordable models on the market;
  • a variety of temperature conditions.


  • there are no forced ventilation, the filter of thin clearing of air;
  • in some episodes, the outdoor unit is very noisy (you can hear it even in the apartment).

Non-inverter air conditioner from the Chinese manufacturer Sakata is one of the most affordable options and perfectly maintains the most comfortable indoor temperature. It is equipped with a variety of standard and additional modes, including silent night mode and auto-start.

How to choose an air conditioner for your apartment and home: which one is better, rating 2021-2022-Your choice

Technical specifications:

  • Type: wall-mounted split system
  • Dimensions of the indoor unit (mobile air conditioner): 722×290×187 mm
  • Dimensions of the external unit (window air conditioner): 700×500×275 mm
  • Communication length: 20 m
  • Power consumption: class A
  • Maximum air flow: 6.68 cubic meters / min
  • Control: remote (remote)
  • Noise level: 24 to 36 dB

Additional parameters:

  • maximum power in cooling mode – 2200 W;
  • maximum power in heating mode – 2300 W;
  • standard: ventilation and dehumidification mode;
  • temperature control;
  • automatic system Troubleshooting;
  • timer;
  • single-phase air conditioner;
  • air flow direction control;
  • anti-ice system and anion generator;
  • fan speed control – 3 modes;
  • built-in memory of set modes;
  • minimum permissible temperature for the air conditioner: -7 °C;
  • low-temperature set.


  • multiple additional air purification modes;
  • quiet;
  • compact indoor unit, easy to install;
  • affordable price with high quality;
  • continuous working capacity;
  • it uses resources efficiently.
  • there are no forced ventilation, the filter of thin clearing of air.

Taking the middle position in our rating, the modern inverter air conditioner from Toshiba will be a pleasant addition to your interior, will maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and will delight you with high-tech internal equipment: automatism, noiselessness, low energy consumption, a clear interface that displays the status of all systems with an LCD display and the ability to work continuously without losing quality.

How to choose an air conditioner for your apartment and home: which one is better, rating 2021-2022-Your choice

Technical specifications:

  • Type: wall-mounted split system
  • Dimensions of the indoor unit (mobile air conditioner): 790×275×205 mm
  • Dimensions of the external unit (window air conditioner): 660×530×240 mm
  • Service area: 25 m2
  • Communication length: 10 m
  • Power consumption: class A
  • Maximum air flow: 9.5 cubic meters / min
  • Control: remote (remote)
  • Noise level: 27 to 40 dB

Additional parameters:

  • inverter air conditioner (stepless temperature control);
  • maximum power in cooling mode-2500 W;
  • maximum power in heating mode – 3200 W;
  • cooling-10000 BTU;
  • standard: ventilation and dehumidification mode;
  • temperature control;
  • self-diagnosis of system problems;
  • timer;
  • single-phase air conditioner;
  • air flow direction control-5 speeds;
  • anti-ice system and anion generator;
  • fan speed control;
  • built-in memory of set modes;
  • minimum permissible temperature for the air conditioner: -10 to -15°C.


  • high-quality housing material;
  • high performance with minimal energy consumption;
  • adjustable curtain, so you can control the level of “draft” in the apartment;
  • it covers several rooms at once;
  • it is practically not polluted.


  • there are no forced ventilation, the filter of thin clearing of air and the temperature indicator on the body;
  • it consumes electricity in standby mode, so you have to disconnect it from the network during inactivity;
  • in case of emergency shutdown and subsequent power on, the air conditioner does not start automatically (there is no option-Autorestart);
  • timer for switching off only;
  • the remote control does not display the time;
  • there is no night mode.

Mitsubishi’s state-of-the-art inverter air conditioner is designed for a large cooling area and constant loads. This model is not only as Autonomous as possible, but also completely ionizes and purifies the air, which is very important for the health of Allergy sufferers. Ideal for users who are demanding of quality.

How to choose an air conditioner for your apartment and home: which one is better, rating 2021-2022-Your choice

Technical specifications:

  • Type: wall-mounted split system
  • Dimensions of the indoor unit (mobile air conditioner): 925×305×234 mm
  • Dimensions of the external unit (window air conditioner): 800×550×285 mm
  • Service area: 30 m2
  • Communication length: 20 m
  • Power consumption: class A
  • Maximum air flow: 13.2 cubic meters / min
  • Control: remote (remote)
  • Noise level: 21 to 44 dB

Additional parameters:

  • inverter air conditioner (stepless temperature control);
  • maximum power in cooling mode – 3500 W;
  • maximum power in heating mode-4000 W;
  • cooling – 12000 BTU;
  • standard: ventilation and dehumidification mode;
  • temperature control;
  • self-diagnosis of system problems;
  • timer;
  • single-phase air conditioner;
  • air flow direction control – 5 modes;
  • anti-ice system and anion generator;
  • fan speed control;
  • built-in memory of set modes;
  • minimum permissible temperature for the air conditioner: -10 to -15°C;
  • included: deodorizing filter, plasma filter, motion sensor and I SEE temperature sensor.


  • many additional modes of air purification, ideal for people suffering from allergies;
  • the air conditioner turns on when the motion sensor is triggered;
  • smart motion sensor I SEE;
  • adjusting the air flow rate;
  • air ionization;
  • does not over-dry the air, maintaining the level of natural humidity, does not” burn ” oxygen.


  • there are no forced ventilation, the filter of thin clearing of air;
  • there is no remote control light;
  • high price.

The “Golden” winner of the TOP 5 is the powerful, easy-to-use and budget inverter air conditioner Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDB1G, which has earned thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

How to choose an air conditioner for your apartment and home: which one is better, rating 2021-2022-Your choice

Technical specifications:

  • Type: wall-mounted split system
  • Dimensions of the indoor unit (mobile air conditioner): 780×270×208 mm
  • Dimensions of the external unit (window air conditioner): 660×482×240 mm
  • Service area: 30 m2
  • Power consumption: class A
  • Maximum air flow: 9.17 cubic meters / min
  • Control: remote (remote)
  • Noise level: 24 to 38 dB

Additional parameters:

  • inverter air conditioner (stepless temperature control);
  • maximum power in cooling mode – 2600 W;
  • maximum power in heating mode – 2650 W;
  • cooling – 12000 BTU;
  • standard: ventilation mode without heating/cooling and dehumidification;
  • temperature control;
  • self-diagnosis of system problems;
  • timer;
  • single-phase air conditioner;
  • the filter of thin clearing of air;
  • air flow direction control;
  • anti-ice formation system;
  • fan speed control;
  • built-in memory of set modes;
  • minimum permissible temperature for the air conditioner: -15 °C;
  • included: deodorizing filter, anion generator.


  • high quality at an affordable price;
  • modern, pleasant design;
  • high power with almost complete noiselessness;
  • heating and cooling programs work at a high level, the air conditioner keeps the temperature well;
  • Japanese compressor;
  • does not over-dry the air.


  • missing: supply air ventilation;
  • the command confirmation sound is not turned off;
  • small angle of movement of the vertical flaps.

The buyer should carefully choose an air conditioner, taking into account the area of the room in which it will be installed and the special wishes of people who are most often in it (for example, people with allergies, for whom models with fine air filtration are suitable). The form factor of the indoor unit plays an important role: whether it fits into the interior, whether it is possible to connect communications to it, whether it fits in size. Just like when choosing any other equipment, you should also pay attention to the warranty period and quality of service.

Updated: August 2021

Choosing the best inverter air conditioner: 2021 rating

Not so long ago, the installation of an air conditioner was a whole event. Today, these devices are firmly registered in almost every apartment. Supporters are only interested in the quality of the inverter model. However, not everyone knows exactly what it is and how it differs from a conventional air conditioner.

What is an inverter air conditioner?

Inverter air conditioners are those models where the compressor is regulated by an inverter. Technically, the difference in the operation of conventional and inverter compressors looks like this::

  • A conventional compressor slowly reaches its maximum comfortable temperature, and then shuts down. As soon as your metrics are out of your comfort zone again, you need a fresh start. Such on/off cycles are repeated continuously, and the average temperature is within the set values. At the same time, at the start and shutdown times, the air becomes either too cold or too warm, which serves as a signal to change the mode.
  • The compressor with an inverter quickly picks up the set temperature parameters, after which it does not turn off, but reduces the speed. At reduced speeds, the temperature is maintained exactly at the set value throughout the entire operating cycle.

On the one hand, without disconnections, the air conditioner constantly consumes electricity. On the other hand, the maximum energy potential is spent at the start. Therefore, as a result, inverter models consume about a third less electricity than their conventional counterparts.

How to choose an air conditioner for your apartment and home: which one is better, rating 2021-2022-Your choice

With wear and tear, things are exactly the same. Endless series of starts and shutdowns increase compressor wear due to increased load. Temperature spikes do not have the best effect on the technical condition. Air conditioners with an inverter operate in a relatively gentle mode, so they last longer.

Advantages of inverter models

If you choose between which air conditioner is better to choose for the apartment — inverter or conventional, then the advantage will be for the inverter. Its main advantages include:

  • supports a specific temperature setpoint;
  • quickly heats or cools the air;
  • saves energy — up to 30% in cooling mode and up to 70% in heating mode%;
  • the service life is 2 times longer, compared to conventional ones;
  • works silently;
  • resistant to frost (resistance up to-22C inclusive);
  • it tolerates voltage drops well;
  • automatically restarts;
  • it has a self-diagnosis function;
  • refueled with environmentally friendly refrigerants;
  • The efficiency is higher than that of a conventional air conditioner.

To maintain the set parameters, such air conditioners are guided by the actual temperature in the room. If there are a lot of people in the room at the same time, it will work harder to bring the indicators to the level of comfort. If the density of people decreases, the intensity of work will decrease.

Another positive aspect is the accuracy of parameter adjustment. The set value will not be average (due to differences when starting or turning off the compressor), but constant (due to non-stop automatic adjustment.

Top 10: rating of inverter air conditioners 2021

Below is a selection of the best inverter air conditioners produced by different companies. The rating was selected based on the owners ‘ reviews left on Internet resources.

Zanussi ZACS/I-09 HPF/A17/N1

  • Type-wall mounted
  • Power consumption — 650/790 W
  • Capacity-25 m2 (9.17 m3 / min)
  • Noise — 26 dB

Wall-mounted split system designed for an average service area with smooth power adjustment. The maximum heating/cooling capacity is 2.5 / 2.54 kW.

It can work in ventilation and dehumidification mode, and automatically maintains the set temperature.

Additionally available: night mode, parameter storage, air flow control. Service functions include system self-diagnosis, anti-ice protection, and a cycle shutdown timer. It can withstand subzero temperatures up to-15C. The operating settings are shown on the display located on the indoor unit panel.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN35VG / MUZ-LN35VG

  • Type-wall mounted
  • Power consumption-800/820 W
  • Capacity-30 m2 (12.8 m3 / min)
  • Noise — 19/45 dB

Wall-mounted split system included in the rating of inverter air conditioners in 2021 due to the presence of a plasma filter, deodorizing filtration and a motion sensor that adjusts the power of the compressor according to the presence of people in the room.

You can control the operation of the system manually from the dashboard, using the remote control, or using a Wi-Fi connection. Anti-ice protection effectively copes with frosts up to-10C/-15C.

The fan rotates at 5 speeds, including in ventilation/dehumidification mode. Malfunctions detected as a result of self-diagnosis are displayed on the information display.

Cooling capacity reaches 3.5 kW, and heating-4 kW.


  • Type-wall mounted
  • Power consumption-830/960 W
  • Capacity-25 m2 (8 m3 / min)
  • Noise — 22/35 dB

Wall-mounted air conditioner art-series from LG with inverter control, designed for an average area. Like other models of the series, they are equipped with deodorizing, thin and plasma filters, air jet direction regulators, as well as a function for storing parameters.

The speed in dehumidification mode is 1.2 liters per minute. The air jet can move in 4 directions, and the indoor unit itself is decorated with reproductions of paintings. Cooling capacity — up to 2.7 kW, and heating-up to 3.5 kW.

Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDB1G

  • Type-wall mounted
  • Power consumption — 730/810 W
  • Capacity-30 m2 (9.17 m3 / min)
  • Noise — 24/38 dB

The difference between this room split system, designed for 30 m2, is the generation of anions.

It serves to ionize the air, reduce the level of static voltage and complements the built-in filtration, consisting of fine filters and deodorization.

As standard, the control system includes a timer, settings memory, and air flow control. The cooler uses R 410A refrigerant, which is recognized as environmentally friendly. The air conditioner is resistant to operation in frost up to-15C and is equipped with an anti-ice protection of the external unit.

Ballu BSLI-12HN1/EE/EU

  • Type-wall mounted
  • Power consumption — 900/990 W
  • Capacity-36 m2 (9.7 m3 / min)
  • Noise — 26 dB

Functional and reliable 2-block wall-mounted air conditioner, which has been awarded the “buyers’ Choice ” status due to its performance and functionality.

Air flow control includes not only the choice of direction, but also the fan speed.

In addition to standard heating and cooling (power 3.2 kW), it can operate in ventilation mode, automatically maintain the set temperature, independently diagnose malfunctions, and remember the set parameters. Functionality includes odor removal, ice protection, and dehumidification.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ25VA-ER1×2 / MXZ-2HJ40VA-ER1

  • Type-wall mounted
  • Power consumption-1040/995 W
  • Capacity-50 m2
  • Noise — 22/43 dB

A powerful and functional multi-split system consisting of 2 internal and 1 external units, which received positive customer reviews. Among its main functions are ventilation mode, dehumidification of premises, filtration, removal of odors, control of the speed and direction of air flow, as well as memory of frequently used settings.

It maintains the set temperature automatically, diagnoses problems that occur, and can also work in quiet night mode. The frost threshold for the outdoor unit is up to-10C, up to which the anti-ice protection can cope.

Airwell FWD 024

  • Type-floor and ceiling
  • Power consumption — 2.25 kW
  • Capacity-68 m2 (17 m3 / min)
  • Noise — 46/54 dB

This floor-to-ceiling model works only in cooling and ventilation mode, without heating.

The operation of the air conditioner is controlled from the remote control and panel on the case, equipped with a shutdown timer, the ability to change the direction and speed of air movement.

Additionally, there is a dehumidification mode with a capacity of 2.5 liters per hour. The system is able to automatically maintain the specified settings and remember frequently used ones. The air conditioner can operate at low temperatures and be used for cooling cellars. Resistant to frost up to-10C and equipped with anti-ice protection.

Lessar LS-HE18TOA2 / LU-HE18UOA2

  • Type-floor and ceiling
  • Power consumption-1.46 / 1.63 kW
  • Capacity-40 m2 (15 m3 / min)
  • Noise — 34/44 dB

In addition to high performance and functionality, the distinctive advantage of this air conditioner is the ability to connect additional control panels, the presence of a timer, as well as good frost resistance (up to-15C). The control panel is equipped with a display that displays all operating parameters.

The system remembers the set settings and maintains the temperature automatically. These modes include dehumidification, ventilation, night mode, air flow control (speed and direction), ice protection, and fault self-diagnosis.

Haier AB12CS1ERA / 1U12BS2ERA

  • Type-cassette
  • Power consumption-990/1060 W
  • Capacity-30 m2 (10.33 m3 / min)
  • Noise — 32/40 dB

Despite the lack of filtration and a number of additional functions, the advantage of this model is performance, resistance to low temperatures,and reliability. The low temperature limit for heating is up to-15C, including protection against ice formation.

The fan operates at several speeds, including heating, cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation modes without changing the temperature. The preset mode is automatically supported, with the settings stored. Self-diagnosis and timer shutdown / start are available.

Electrolux EACD/I-18H/DC/N3

  • Type-channel
  • Power consumption-1.6 kW
  • Capacity-50 m2 (14.16 m3 / min)
  • Noise — not specified

The channel split system with inverter control is distinguished by the presence of a supply ventilation mode with the creation of a pressure in the system up to 30 PA.

There are also all the modes and functions inherent in wall-mounted air conditioners, except for filtering, cleaning and eliminating odors from the surrounding air. Similarly, parameters are stored, automatically support the set microclimate inside the room, and switch to night silent mode.

20 best air conditioners-2021 Rating (Top 20)

So that both the morning and evening meet you with coolness…

How often have you regretted that the office is cool and easy to breathe in the summer, and the house is stuffy? Caring managers equip their workplaces with air conditioning. But air conditioning for the house is a very necessary thing. And not so inaccessible. How to choose the right air conditioner?

Which company’s air conditioners are better?

Elite divisionit is represented by top models of the leading Japanese companies Daikin, Fujitsu General, Toshiba, Matsushita Electric (Panasonic), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Electric (two different, despite the common roots, competing brands). These manufacturers are “trendsetters”. It is thanks to their resources, experience and support for innovative developments that climate technology is becoming more sophisticated and efficient every day. Another advantage is the highest quality control.

Premium-level air conditioners are very reliable, almost silent, have the widest functionality, and are able to maintain an ideal microclimate regardless of the time of year. The price “bites”, but for quality, comfort and prestige, in the end, you have to pay.

The middle classair conditioners are available to a wider range of consumers and are characterized by very decent quality at a reasonable price. In this category, the composition of manufacturers is somewhat “mismatched”. The elite is represented by their simpler models, and popular brands Hitachi, LG, Electrolux, Gree – mainly inverter and fairly functional split systems.

The budget segmentit is large and diverse. Here you can find affordable cheap air conditioners of Chinese Assembly from well-known brands Electrolux, Pioneer, Airwell, Shivaki, Hyundai. Royal Clima and Aeronik have proven themselves quite well. One of the best “Chinese” Hisense offers quite decent models in functional terms at a very attractive price.

When choosing a budget air conditioner, it is important to pay attention to the quality of plastic, check the availability of an authorized SC in the city, and if all else is equal, you should give preference to a brand with a longer warranty.

Our rating of the best air conditioners is designed to introduce you to the most popular models of air conditioners for homes and apartments in 2021-2021 — different types and manufacturers that have earned positive reviews from experts and ordinary buyers.

Rating of the best air conditioners in 2021

There are not so many selection criteria and it all comes down to where, in fact, the device will be used and how it is installed and connected?

Among the owners of apartments and country houses with old wooden Windows, the most popular are considered to be“vented” window air conditionersthe “five”. They are compact, easy to install and reliable.

Mobile air conditionerssuitable for owners of rented apartments, summer residents. They are not quiet and compact, but they do not require installation/disassembly and can be transported with you.

In your own home or apartment the best possible option –wall-mounted split system. This is a quiet, functional and efficient device that also looks quite aesthetically pleasing in the interior. One of the disadvantages is an expensive installation, which should be carried out only by highly qualified specialists.

Capacity and size of the room

The simplest way to determine the optimal performance of an air conditioner –1 kW per 10 m2 of floor space. No designation in kW? We look at it in British thermal units. The most common classification of air conditioners 05, 07, 09 (and so on) means 5000, 7000, 9000 BTU/h, respectively. The arithmetic is simple: 1kW = 3412 BTU / h, just divide by this figure.

The method is very approximate and needs to be corrected. A power reserve is required, taking into account the climatic conditions in a particular area, the location of the room (Sunny side or not), the number of people and household appliances that emit heat. If you need a more accurate calculation, you can easily find a convenient calculator on the Internet.

A small clarification: it is better to choose models with an energy consumption class not lower than A. Then the claimed performance will be achieved with minimal power consumption, which affects the meter reading,and, therefore, the wallet.

In conclusion

We tried to collect and classify the really best models of air conditioners. Their main function — cooling in the heat-all of them, from premium to budget, perform perfectly. Follow our rating when buying an air conditioner — and don’t let the hot weather bother you any more!

10 best Chinese air conditioners

Ten years ago, installing a cooling and heating system in an apartment or private house was considered an element of luxury. The modern market offers consumers household appliances from the budget segment, which are not much inferior in their parameters to well-known brand models. These devices include the best Chinese air conditioners, the rating of which is presented in our review.

10Chigo CS/CU-32H3

The model of the “wall split system” type from the Chinese brand of air conditioning equipment works for cooling and heating. The power of the first mode is 3200 watts, the second-3500 watts. At night, the air conditioner is able to operate at low speeds.

The temperature in the room changes smoothly, which allows you to provide comfort during sleep and save electricity. As an additional feature, the unit is equipped with automatic ventilation. It is controlled via a remote control and an on / off timer.

“Dehumidification” allows you to lower the humidity of the air without cooling it and maintain normal climatic conditions without sudden temperature changes.

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9Electrolux EACM-11CL/N3

Mobile air conditioning will be a real salvation from the summer heat for those rooms in which it is impossible to install a stationary cooling system. The principle of operation of the unit is based on updating the air flow due to the output of hot air to the street.

The optimal room size is 27 m2. The 3,200-watt device operates in three modes: ventilation, dehumidification, and cooling. The minimum outside temperature is 18 °C. The noise level is 44 dB.

The model is successfully used to reduce air humidity, for example, in basements.

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8NeoClima NS/NU-HAX09R

The classic wall model is designed for a room with an area of 25 m2. The split system can not only cool and heat the air, but also dehumidify it or work as a regular fan. The device is equipped with the function of maintaining a constant minimum temperature, which saves electricity.

Activation of the automatic air conditioning mode makes it possible to cool the air flow up to 23 °C. The deviation may be ± 2 °C. Turning on the night mode “sleep” provides the most comfortable conditions in the room and does not require additional adjustment.

The power of the compressor is designed so that the indoor and outdoor units can be placed at a considerable distance from each other and with a large height difference.

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7Haier HSU-09HTL103/R2

Split system for those who appreciate comfort and care about their health. Quiet operation of the air conditioner will not distract from household chores or interfere with your night’s rest. An antifungal filter will take care of the air quality, cleaning it from foreign odors and the smallest dust particles. The compressor of the unit is protected from breakdowns during frequent power-UPS by a three-minute start-up delay.

Models are not afraid of power outages. The Autorestart function returns it to work with the same settings that were enabled before the crash. A full night’s sleep is provided through a special regime. Before switching off, the device operates in accordance with the specified program for 6 hours.

It allows you to get the most convenient microclimatic conditions.

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6Aeronik ASI/ASO-07IL3

The main feature of the model is the presence of an inverter compressor, which operates indefinitely with a very low speed. This makes it possible to maintain the set temperature as accurately as possible without restarting in a power-saving mode.

Thanks to the heat exchanger’s anti-corrosion coating, heating efficiency and resistance to rain and salty air are increased. The unit is equipped with an air-mechanical filter, which reliably protects against dust, coarse debris and other contaminants.

The split system can be controlled remotely using Wi-Fi and a free program for mobile devices. The control module is purchased separately.

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The model from the Bora series of the largest Chinese manufacturer Gree Electric Appliances Inc will easily create a home environment similar to the climate of the “Paradise” island of Bora-Bora. The compact and silent device with multi-function and carbon filters instantly cools and absorbs unpleasant odors.

The air is distributed optimally thanks to a special system that includes a multi-stage fan and automatic shutters. Ideal sleeping conditions are provided by the “comfortable sleep” mode. There will be no problems with the installation and maintenance of the external unit of the air conditioner.

The fittings are protected from moisture by an additional cover made of durable plastic, the panel grid is removable, and the electrical circuit is conveniently located.

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4Timberk AC TIM 09C P8

Another representative of mobile air conditioners, designed for ventilation, cooling and dehumidification, rightfully occupies the fourth position in our rating in accordance with customer reviews and sales statistics.

Compact dimensions easily allow you to move the device, install it in rooms that cannot be equipped with wall-mounted split systems. The minimum outside temperature in cooling mode is 18 °C, the maximum is 35 °C. The unit is controlled mechanically.

Condensate evaporation is automatic. The kit includes all the necessary parts for installation.

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3Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDB1G

The inverter split system with smooth power adjustment quickly picks up the desired temperature on an area of up to 30 m2.

In the list of additional modes, the manufacturer indicates ventilation without heating and cooling, automatic maintenance of settings, the “night sleep” function and self-diagnosis of malfunctions. Judging by consumer reviews, the air conditioner copes with all the tasks set.

The unit is equipped with a deodorizing filter and an anion generator. The device allows you to adjust the direction of air masses and fight the formation of ice.

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2Green GRI/GRO-07HH2

The Hit series features heating, cooling, and dehumidification modes. The maximum area of the room in which the device can operate is 20 m2. The unit is equipped with the functions “night”, turbo mode and Autorestart. The air conditioner is set to I feel mode. It allows you to reach the set temperature at the location of the remote control.

In this case, the temperature parameters are measured and transmitted to the split system control unit by a sensor installed in the remote control. The noise level ranges from 26 to 40 dB. The noise level depends on the air flow rate. The “night” position allows you to set the lowest values, which ensures maximum silence when the device is running.

The start and stop of operation can be set using a timer.

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1Electrolux EACS/I-09HM/N3_15Y

The low-noise inverter split system from the Monaco series tops the list. With a record noise level of 23 dB, the air conditioner is capable of producing five times more cold than similar units from other manufacturers. The model maintains the set temperature with high accuracy. The error is only 0.5 °C.

The device can boast of the perfect air purification. High results can be achieved by a six-stage cleaning system. Dust mites, harmful formaldehyde compounds, bacteria, microbes, viruses and fungi are removed from the air space, and unpleasant odors are neutralized.

In the list of additional functions: self-diagnosis, soft and hot start, auto-defrost, auto-cleaning, auto-pumping of horizontal doors.

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Which Chinese air conditioner is better to buy in 2021?

Modern climate control equipment from China, regardless of whether it is stationary or mobile, is very popular. This is due to its efficiency, economy and reasonable cost. When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to several mandatory criteria::

  • noise level– when buying a portable unit with a noise level above 40 dB, you should not expect that its operation will not be heard in a small room. It should also be taken into account that at minimum speeds, the wall-mounted split system will function most quietly.;
  • replacement filter– it is necessary to check the place of its installation and how convenient it is to remove it and put it back;
  • the location of the window– an important parameter, because a side window opening can interfere with the normal access of air flows. In this case, it is best to pay attention to models that regulate the direction of air so that it enters the center of the room;
  • energy efficiency class– economical household appliances help to protect the family budget, so it is not superfluous to compare the characteristics of the device with the frequency of its operation.

Experts advise choosing a manufacturer from China, which produces products at its own factories. In this case, the warranty lasts longer, and the equipment is equipped with high-class components. With such a careful approach, it is quite realistic to buy the best Chinese air conditioner in 2021.

Rating of budget air conditioners: the best low-cost models for apartments according to the rating of 2021

On the eve of the summer heat, it’s time to think about buying a good climate device that will help you escape from the sweltering heat. Our rating of budget air conditioners will help you choose the most suitable model, because here you can find several reviews for different types of devices at once:

  • mobile and landline services;
  • for large and small rooms;
  • the quietest ones with cleaning filters.

The features of each model are discussed in detail, so that you have the most complete idea of how a good budget air conditioner should work for an apartment with the specified parameters. Let’s go!

Best budget air conditioners by type

All air conditioners are structurally divided into monoblocks and split systems. Monoblocks are mobile, do not take up much space, but, due to the fact that the compressor is located inside the case, the noise from them is much greater.

Split systems, due to low noise, are suitable for installation in the bedroom, while the supercharger is placed on the external wall. This design solves another problem: forced heat removal is not required.

The best mobile air conditioners for the home-review of reliable models based on customer reviews and experts ‘ opinion.


Among the monoblock air conditioners, there are those that are installed in the window opening (window pane) or on the floor. Floor models are more mobile, they are equipped with wheels for easy transportation.

But the window monoblock does not need communications for the removal of condensate and warm air. The leaders of our rating of monoblocks were inexpensive air conditioners for apartments of window and floor type.

General Climate GCW-07CR

  • Economical
  • Timer
  • Remote controller
  • Quiet: 43 dB.

This window monoblock with dimensions of 45 × 35×53,5 cm cools the room to 20 m2., and uses for this purpose modern freon R 410A. It doesn’t work for heating. 43 dB. for a candy bar – this is a fairly quiet operation. Control the remote control or buttons on the case.

Ballu BPAC-09 CM

  • Design
  • Ventilation mode
  • The direction of airflow
  • Settings memory
  • It only cools you down
  • No remote control
  • Loud: up to 51 dB.

This floor-standing model cools the room to 35 m2, but it does it slowly, only 5.5 m3/min. The same General Climate GCW-07CR cools faster. The condensate must be drained out independently when the indicator lights up.

Set for installation of the buckle only suitable for sliding Windows.

Mystery MSS-09R07M

  • 3 modes
  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • The direction of airflow
  • Kit for mounting the corrugations
  • There is no heating system
  • Plastic creaks

Not the best design for a floor-standing monoblock, but the large wheels are convenient for rolling. The air conditioner is powerful (6.25 m3 / min), but noisy, not suitable for a bedroom. It is controlled from a remote control, and the air outlet curtains are manually adjusted.

Split system

Even a cheap budget air conditioner, made according to the split system scheme, is much quieter than monoblock ones. The indoor unit installed in the room is equipped with an additional air filter. Due to the location of the device high on the wall, it mixes the air much better than a floor unit. As a rule, the split system is configured and controlled from the remote control.

Ballu BSD-09HN1

  • The noise level is 26 dB.
  • There is heating
  • The power of 7.53 m3/min.
  • Self-diagnosis
  • 4 modes: ventilation, night, dehumidification, microclimate support
  • Deodorizing filter
  • Wi-Fi for a surcharge
  • Noisy external unit

The leader of our review offers split system management from a smartphone as an additional option (not included in the standard). A very quiet indoor unit with an elegant design cleanses the air, and the current temperature is displayed on a small monitor.

Timberk AC TIM 07H S21

  • There is heating
  • Air ionizer
  • Plasma filter
  • 4 modes
  • Auto diagnostics
  • Settings memory

A successful model with a heating function, thanks to a fine filter and an anion generator that kills bacteria, is suitable for Allergy sufferers. When enabled, the last settings that are displayed on the ad block screen are automatically restored.

NeoClima NS/NU-HAX09R

  • The noise is 26 dB.
  • With heating
  • 4 operating modes
  • Shutdown timer
  • Selecting the blowing speed
  • 2 filters
  • The numbers on the monitor are not clearly visible
  • There is no ionizer

Another good inexpensive split system with carbon and plasma filters is your friend in the fight against dust. The engine life is extended thanks to a warm start, and the anti-ice system will not allow ice to form.

Depending on the area of the room

Split systems differ in compressor capacity depending on the intended area of the serviced room. If you need to buy an inexpensive high-quality air conditioner for a bedroom of 20 m2., then it is wrong to take a model designed to cool the dance hall. After studying customer reviews, we selected the best split systems for rooms of different sizes.

Up to 20 m2

The split system for a small room has a compact size, low weight, and is also characterized by quiet operation. Models that have become the best in this category are able to quickly set and maintain a given temperature regime, and are also equipped with fine air filters.

Roda RS-A07F/RU-A07F

  • There is heating
  • Energy consumption class ” A»
  • The capacity of 8 m3/min.
  • Warm start-up
  • There is no inventory
  • There is no supply ventilation

This model works quietly (25 dB.), has modes of self-diagnosis of malfunctions, anti-ice.

The air flow is regulated by the curtain rod. The thermometer is built into the remote control, so the air conditioner will cool down until the temperature next to the remote control coincides with the set temperature.

Hisense AS-07HR4SYDDH

  • There is heating
  • Microclimate support, dehumidification, ventilation
  • Optional LTC and carbon filters
  • Antiled
  • AutoPlay
  • 33-38 dB.
  • There is no supply ventilation

A good model of discreet design. It is controlled from the remote control and has a shutdown timer. In night mode, it hums noticeably, so it is not recommended to install it in the bedroom.

An antibacterial filter and deodorizer are added for a surcharge.

Aeronik ASI/ASO-07HS2

  • With heating
  • A-class
  • Replacement panels: silver, gold, white
  • Restart
  • The direction of airflow

This is the noisiest of the three models, and because of its attractive design, it is recommended for installation in the living room. Economical, it cools/heats the room at a rate of 6.67 m3 / min. It has only 1 washable filter. The blowing direction is adjusted manually.

From 21 to 30 m2

If your room is 20 m2. if it is facing South or South-West, then for effective air conditioning it will be better to install a split system designed for a slightly larger area. Thus, the temperature change will occur faster, and the compressor will not work at the maximum capacity, which will increase its service life.

General Climate GC/GU-A09HR

  • 26 dB.
  • Class ” A»
  • Ionizer, carbon filter
  • With heating
  • Capacity 7.83 m3/min.
  • There is no supply ventilation
  • Heavy blocks

Good powerful split system for rooms up to 25 m2.

By default, it is equipped with a deodorizing filter and an anion generator, which makes it suitable for those who suffer from allergies. Maximum noise level: 26dB, which is very quiet for such power.


  • Class ” A»
  • 4 modes
  • Restart
  • Auto diagnostics

The model is designed only for cooling, which is rare for a split system. When restarted, it automatically restores the last user settings. Cooling capacity of the room is up to 21 m2. at the maximum, it is 6.7 m3/min.

  • Class ” A»
  • 4 modes
  • Warm launch
  • Antiled
  • Settings memory

In this model, the option of warm engine start is implemented, so when the device is turned on, it will start to cool down after it warms up (a few minutes). In ventilation mode, it hums with a volume of 25 dB., at maximum speed-even louder.

Over 30 m2

When buying a powerful split system from a store, ask them to include a demo sample to listen to how it works. A powerful compressor makes quite a loud noise (external unit), and a large volume of air passes through the hole, which creates a hum in the room. Another point: power consumption. It is better that its class is not lower than ” A “(“a++” is generally super).

Hisense AS-07HR4SYDDC5

  • Class ” A»
  • Quiet: 28 dB.
  • There is heating
  • Powerful: 8.33 m3/min.
  • 4 operating modes

Length of communications for this model: 20 m.

, which allows you to move the indoor unit away from the window. A carbon filter is included, but there is no fine cleaning device. Fan speeds: 5, which is a lot for an inexpensive model.

Users note the creaking of plastic when heating.

General Climate GC/GU-A12HR

  • Deodorizer, ionizer
  • Restart
  • The power of 9.17 m3/min.
  • Auto diagnostics
  • High threshold of heating operation: -7 ° C
  • No antila

This version is designed to serve an area of up to 35 m2., and it is better to put it in the hall because of loud work. If the temperature outside the window is below-7 ° C, you can not turn on the system: damage the compressor.

Ballu BSW-07HN1/OL/17Y

  • 4 operating modes
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Protection from ice
  • Deodorizer
  • Capacity 7 m3/min.
  • Permissible minimum operating temperature: -7ºС

A quiet, concise model of class ” A ” can work if the temperature in the yard is not lower than-7 ° C.

The fan does not turn too hard: at maximum speed (2 speed), the capacity is 7 m3/min.. In night mode, the noise level is 24 dB.

Best budget air conditioners with air purification filters

If household dust or plant pollen causes residents to have an asthmatic cough and runny nose, you should look for an air conditioner equipped with a fine air filter. And in addition, an ionizer with a carbon filter built into the device will be a real salvation for Allergy sufferers and just lovers of clean air.

General Climate GC/GU-N09HRIN1

  • There is heating
  • Ionizer, fine cleaning
  • Capacity 7.83 m3/min.
  • Communications up to 20 m.
  • Noise up to 35 dB.
  • There is no protection from ice

The split system, designed for a room area of 26 m2., can be installed at a distance from the window due to the extended highways. Blowing is powerful, with a choice of 3 speeds.


  • Deodorizer, fine cleaning
  • Convenient remote control with temperature sensor
  • Class ” A»
  • 4 modes
  • Lightweight indoor unit: 6.5 kg.
  • Loud: 40 dB.
  • There is no protection from ice
  • The relay clicks

Economical and powerful (7.67 m3/min) split system is designed for servicing rooms up to 20 m2., but it hums like a vacuum cleaner if you turn on the 3rd speed.

This determined the location of its installation: the living room, but not the bedroom. Filters are good, replaceable ones are on sale.

Abion ASH-C077BE / ARH-C077BE

  • Remote control with display
  • Fine cleaning, deodorizing filter
  • The power of 7.17 m3/min.
  • Wi-Fi management
  • Warm start-up
  • Class ” A»
  • Thin plastic
  • Noise of up to 40 dB.

This model could take the first place in the rating in terms of functionality, if not for the quality of components. The thin plastic of the case, as well as the nominal presence of filters (the ionizer is installed as an option for an additional fee) determined its real 3rd place.

Saves remote control via Wi-Fi from a smartphone and a warm start.

Best quiet budget air conditioners

Among split systems, there is a separate subspecies called sleeping. These are quietly working air conditioners that do not interfere with sleep, being installed in the bedroom. We offer you three of the best units for the bedroom, which will not make a hole in the budget.

  • Design
  • There is heating
  • 4 modes
  • Auto diagnostics
  • Warm start-up
  • Expensive options: Wi-Fi module, filters, ionizer
  • Lowest operating temperature: -7ºС

The modern design of the indoor unit with a clear screen immediately attracts the eye. It caters for a room of up to 20 m2. with a minimum noise of 24 dB.(the maximum level is 33 dB. at the 4th speed). Split system management via Wi-Fi is provided, as well as the installation of filters (with vitamin C, carbon, fine cleaning) for an additional fee.

Roda RS-A07E/RU-A07E

  • The noise from 24 to 33 dB.
  • 4 speeds
  • Warm start-up
  • Antiled, antifungal
  • Self-cleaning, self-diagnosis
  • Heavy
  • Is not a fine filter

This model is equipped with a Japanese compressor with an extended service life due to the warm start function. The external unit is protected from corrosion by a special coating. In night mode, it works inaudibly, blowing takes away from people in the room.

Pioneer KFR20BW / KOR20BW

  • Class ” A»
  • Noise is 24-29 dB.
  • Ionizer
  • Operation at -10 ° C
  • Capacity of 6.7 m3/min.
  • No adjustment of the blinds in the hand (only for height)

This model is designed for a room of up to 20 m2., works quietly, but weakly. But it functions in the cold-10 ° C, besides it is economical.

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