How to memorize 100 English words a day-proven techniques

Do you want to expand your English-language vocabulary? In this case, you need to use one or another method. We recommend using a paper card system. Ideally, it allows you to ensure that 100 English words will remain in your head every day!

How to memorize 100 English words a day-proven techniques

Basics of the paper card technique

Theoretically, you can start learning English words by opening the dictionary. However, this will only lead to a mess in your head-the words will be forgotten very quickly, and you will also begin to confuse them with each other. That is why we recommend that you try the paper card technique. It consists in choosing the right words and evoking a variety of associations. Despite the name, the system implies the use of an app, and not real cards made of cardboard. Although they really were used before.

The essence of this method is simple. The student is given a deck of cards. Each of them contains a foreign word. To see its translation, turn the card over. The student must scroll through the deck, memorizing the translation of each word. If the word is not remembered yet — it is removed to the very bottom of the deck. As a result, you will return to it soon. If there are no problems with memorizing the word — the corresponding card is removed to the side. And so on until the deck in your hands runs out. At the same time, you need to return to all these words, but after a certain period of time — in a week or even a month.

This system works due to the fact that at first the learned word gets into short-term memory. And in the future, you will return to the completed cards again, due to which the word is already moved to long-term memory. From there, weathering it is already noticeably more difficult.

Use the app’s “UCITA»

Mobile program “UCITA” uses the principle of paper cards. On one side of each card there is a Russian-language word. On the back is a translation of it into English, as well as a transcription so that you can read it correctly. There is also a button for voice playback of the word. Well, at the bottom of this side of the card, there is a button that tells the app that you have learned this word. If you don’t think you’ve memorized the English translation of the word yet, swipe the card to drop it to the bottom of the deck.

The program also allows you to learn Russian. To do this, the English-speaking user must slide the corresponding radio button in the settings, thereby changing the translation direction.

When you have completed the deck, the app automatically starts a timer for 30 days. After this period, you will be asked to repeat the completed material. But that doesn’t mean you need to rest! We recommend opening a new deck every few days. Each of them, as you might guess, consists of a hundred words. So, every week you can learn a couple of hundred English words!

Each card allows you to add a note. Most often, this function is used to write about what exactly this word is associated with. Users of the app note that this feature significantly speeds up the transfer of words to long-term memory.

What is the application methodology?

The developers of “Uchisto” on their Google Play page remind you of the main difficulty that occurs when memorizing English words. Most often we try to do it on the machine, without linking the words to any of the images. As a result, the brain does not build neural connections, words are not associated with anything, which is why they are quickly forgotten. That is why each card recommends that you associate each word with the familiar to you concepts and objects.

Let’s take the word “challenge”as an example. Its translation is “problem”. Immediately remember the most serious problem that has arisen in your life. Click on the button that shows a pencil, and then describe the problem in one sentence. And even better-remember the famous Shuttle “Challenger”. At one time, it claimed the lives of the entire crew, which became a serious problem for the United States. So much for the perfect Association. If you consider that you have just read all this, it is almost impossible to forget the translation of this word.

But in any case, do not rush to click the “Learned” button! After creating a vivid Association, repeat the word aloud at least five to six times. At this point, be sure to present the image you created. There is also one piece of advice about the associations themselves. Try to come up with something funny — this is much better remembered.

If we conclude the conversation about the method used “Cleanly”, then it ends up as follows::

You are reading an unfamiliar English word.

Then you check your pronunciation.

You turn the card over to see the translation of the word.

Now you need to represent the Association of this word or its translation with real events or objects.

Next, you repeat the word aloud at least five times, while simultaneously scrolling through the previously thought-up Association in your head.

Click the “Learned” button.

Try to consolidate the result by translating this word into English. At the same time, you will check your pronunciation again.

Then all that remains is to set a reminder to repeat the words contained in the deck exactly one month later.

Well, after 30 days, you will try to remember how all the words are translated. If you don’t remember any of them, you’ll have to repeat the procedure described above.

It should be noted that some words may have different meanings depending on the context. This is probably the only serious problem with this app. This means that the “UCITA” will really only help if you’re going to pass some kind of English course. Otherwise, you are unlikely to be able to translate sentences properly, let alone paragraphs or entire articles.

How to memorize 100 English words a day-proven techniques

Learn only the right words

Any linguist will tell you that English contains at least a million words. However, it is also good because in everyday life only a small part of them is used — about several thousand. If you know exactly these words, you can even communicate with a foreigner at least partially, as well as translate English-language online publications. And if you learn not only the words themselves, but also other aspects of the English language, you can watch American movies and TV shows, not including dubbing!

As you may have guessed, in the app “Uchisto” you are offered only those words that are most often used when writing text and in everyday life.

As for the decks used here, they consist of exactly one hundred cards. Experts have found that this is the perfect number. This number of words can’t be called small, but you can handle it in an hour or even faster, especially if some of them are familiar to you. Moreover, you will be able to explore one deck every few days.

Tracking your progress

Of course, such a program could not do without a section with statistics. Here you can track your progress by day. It’s nice when you see that every week your progress is noticeably growing. However, it must be admitted that you will not find a particularly diverse schedule here. This is due to the fact that the app offers only one option — to learn words. There are no additional functions here.

In order to consistently increase your vocabulary, you should always remember that in your pocket a smartphone with “UCITA”. Caught in a traffic jam? Open at least a couple of cards. Did you have any free time at work? Again, open the deck you are studying. You can also try to learn words before going to bed. If you see in the statistics that your progress has started to decrease, be sure to raise the bar!

Well, how many words can you learn with this program? Here it all depends on the amount of free time that you can allocate to this activity. And from your desire, of course. Theoretically, you can memorize about 3,000 words in a couple of months. And this is already quite enough for understanding English-language articles.

Shareware service

Download “Uchisto” from Google Play is completely free. However, this does not mean that the application is actually one. If you don’t want to pay money, you will be limited to just one dictionary. This means that you will learn only 100 words, which you can do in just one day. Each additional deck of cards costs 30 rubles. But we recommend that you take all 45 dictionaries at once. Their purchase is estimated at only 279 rubles. Isn’t that a big price to pay for an abundance of new knowledge in your head?

Payment in uchisto is made in the traditional way — you can make it through Google Play, if you have already linked your Bank card to This service. Alternatively, you can use a different card by clicking the appropriate button.


Now you know the easiest way to learn English words. If you use the method we have described, you will know more than one thousand new words in a month! It remains only to learn the entire English language as a whole in order to correctly compose them into sentences.

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