Interiors of 2021

The year 2021 is coming very soon, which means that it’s time to think about the fashion trends of the coming year. Do you want to keep up with the times? We will tell you about fashion tricks in the interior, how to choose the right color scheme, furniture and finishing materials.

Trend 1: handmade Furniture

To match the fashion of 2021, designers recommend choosing handmade furniture. At the same time, when choosing kits, you should give preference to lightness and comfort. Vintage style with noble upholstery colors, classic shapes-that’s what we are talking about.

Trend 2: Natural materials

Special preference in the coming year is given to marble. It was popular before, but now it has received a high preference. Use the noble colors of gray, blue, and white stone. Ennoble with this material window sills, countertops, floor coverings. The main thing is that the veins are clear and expressive. When you are in a room, marble elements should attract the eye.

Trend 3: Color scheme

Match the fashionable design will help the color scheme. There are five colors.

  • Vanilla.This tone is used in deliberately small rooms, to visually increase the space. It resembles sunlight, as it mainly has a yellow-cream tint.
  • Mint classics.It is used both for a classic delicate interior, and to weaken the more pronounced colors of orange and red.
  • The hazelnut.They will often be used for decorating living rooms. A light, classic color that adds restraint to any room.
  • Green-gray.In the New year, it will receive a special preference. For a contrasting combination, it is recommended to purchase furniture in white, blue and beige versions.
  • Warm gray.A calm tone will be suitable for any performance of the surrounding design, while it will always seem like something new.

Trend 4: Decor

Here the relevance of figurines, paintings, and vases will return. In addition, it should not be easy in the old version of things, and the past tense and with its own history. Also, the 2021 decor will include floating objects, possibly lamps, lamps or pieces of furniture.

Trend 5: adherence to style

In 2021, it was advised to stick to the Scandinavian style, which in 2021 will give way to Art Deco. A style that will be pleasant without cluttering up the space, with smooth, delicate lines, correctly selected colors in contrast.

Art Nouveau will also be present in the coming year, nothing will change here. But the novelty of the style will be Memphis. Designers recommend using geometric shapes, bright colors, collages and paintings in this version.

We hope our article was interesting for you, thank you for reading it!

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