Radiators and capacitors for Chevrolet

Radiators and capacitors for Chevrolet

Any Chevrolet car, as well as any other brand, is a complex system with a large difference in the temperatures circulating inside it. In some areas (mainly in the fuel system and engine), the operating temperature can reach several thousand degrees. Therefore, such a unit as a cooling radiator for Chevrolet is necessary for the normal functioning of the car.

Elements of the car’s cooling system

The cooling radiator is included in the car’s cooling system, and the following parts are also included in this system:: Control unit, radiator fan, pump or water pump, in addition, cooling module, cooling relay, air cooling, thermostat, as well as Oil cooler, radiator panel or fasteners, cooling radiator pipes, stove Radiator, including Expansion tank, Flanges / Adapters, oil cooler Hoses.

Design and functions of a cooling radiator for Chevrolet

How does the cooling radiator work from a technical point of view? The structure comprises a:

  • upper tank (equipped with a filler neck for liquid with a two-valve sealed plug and a steam drain tube, rubber gaskets are also provided in the tanks to maintain tightness);
  • lower the tank;
  • the core, which, in turn, can be:
  • water pump (a pump that is not part of the radiator structure, but is directly involved in its operation by pumping the cooler).

Materials for manufacturing radiators are brass, aluminum, and other metals and alloys with good heat transfer rates.

According to the type of cooler itself, radiators are divided into air and water. There are also several types of radiators, classified according to the method of manufacture and design:

  • pressed;
  • folded (the first two types are gradually falling out of use for a number of reasons, but in many older models they are still relevant);
  • forged ones;
  • composite data;
  • cast parts;
  • point.

Regardless of the design, the cooling radiator performs the function of storing heat collected during the vehicle bypass by the coolant.

Leaks and other breakdownscooling radiator for Chevrolet

Although the cooling radiator is a part subject to maintenance and repair (and not just replacement), the service life of which, with proper care, should be proportional to the service life of the car itself, a rare car owner had to do without any malfunctions in its operation. However, most of them are quite easy to eliminate, which can be done with your own hands, without large financial costs.

What are the most common problems in your work?cooling radiator for Chevroletare they Dating?

  • cooler leak. It can be caused by a huge number of reasons, including deformation of the pipes, depressurization of the tank, poor connection of pipes to each other or to the tanks, mechanical damage to the radiator components caused by wear or an accident (due to their structure and location, radiators often get damaged first);
  • clogging of the system, first of all, the core;
  • deterioration of heat transfer due to contamination of the radiator both inside and outside);
  • the termination of the water pump;
  • deterioration of the overall system performance (special diagnostics are required).

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We servecooling radiator for Chevroletwith your own hands

The advantage of repairscooling radiators for Chevroletthis means that even if the damage is quite serious, it is often enough to replace only some parts, and not to make an expensive replacement of the entire spare part. To maintain the radiator in good condition, the car owner must regularly check the liquid level, clean the core of the radiator and clean it externally.

When choosing and buying a cooling radiator, pay attention to the following manufacturers: Luzar, Nissens


Radiators and capacitors for Chevrolet

High heat exchange efficiency
Country: Russia
Rating (2021): 4.3

The entire production of this company was originally designed to meet the needs of VAZ and the military-industrial complex. The last seriously decent evidence of the reliability of the radiators DAAZ. The products are characterized by better heat exchange characteristics – due to reduced cells, heat transfer is significantly increased.

Judging by the reviews, this characteristic has a downside. If the cooling fluid is of poor quality, the honeycomb can quickly become silted up with sludge deposits. Nevertheless, most of the owners are quite happy with their choice, and not only because of the affordable price. In the manufacture of aluminum radiators (the manufacturer does not produce copper heat exchangers), its own casting is used according to a special recipe – if you do not save on consumables, the products will last much longer than radiators from the nearest competitors.

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9 Sat

Attractive price
Country: China
Rating (2021): 4.4

Despite the rather ambiguous user reviews about automobile spare parts manufactured by Sat, the products still continue to be in demand due to their low price. The range is represented by a wide variety of parts, including body elements, shock absorbers, radiators, etc. Owners of domestic car brands, such as VAZ, often make a choice in favor of products of this manufacturer, not having the opportunity or desire to overpay for spare parts of a more popular brand.

Sat cooling radiators are a fairly affordable replacement for the original heat exchanger, and at the same time perform their functions quite acceptably. They can withstand maximum temperatures and vibrations, so they are the best way to cope with the task of heat removal and provide reliable protection of the engine from overheating.

8 Fenox

Exclusive soldering technology
Country: Belarus
Rating (2021): 4.4

Presented in our rating, Fenox offers the widest range of components designed for cooling systems of domestic and foreign car brands. In the production of aluminum and copper radiators, this manufacturer uses Strong connection and Nocolok technologies, each of which guarantees the product the best technical characteristics and a long service life. In this case, the first option involves a prefabricated radiator design with the possibility of maximum heat dissipation during extreme operation.

The use of the latest Nocolok technology for soldering aluminum radiators eliminates additional seam treatment. Regardless of the design features, each model is subjected to anti-corrosion treatment, which contributes to the durability of the radiator and, accordingly, reliable engine protection.

7 Orenburg radiator

The best choice of a domestic buyer
Country: Russia
Rating (2021): 4.5

Among the owners of domestic car brands, such as GAZ, VAZ or UAZ, the products of the Orenburg radiator company are very popular, which offers a wide range of cooling system elements, both for special equipment and for passenger transport. Aluminum and copper radiator models designed to meet increased loads and climatic conditions are presented.

Separately, we can distinguish the VK line (top quality), which includes 2-and 3-row radiators, which are manufactured on high-tech equipment using high-strength copper tape. The presented models differ not only in reliability, but also exclude engine overheating even at a speed of less than 10 km/h (urban traffic). This, in turn, helps to reduce fuel consumption and better protect the most important components from wear.

6 Valeo

The widest range of models
Country: France
Rating (2021): 4.6

The French company Valeo presents one of the widest ranges of the main part of the car cooling system – radiators, numbering more than 1500 items. The company’s products are available not only on the secondary market, but also delivered on factory conveyors, which indicates their impeccable quality and compliance with high European requirements. Innovative technologies used in the production of this group of products contribute not only to better engine protection, but also to lower fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The line of Valeo radiators is represented by three different series: Origin, Asian and Classic, which allows you to choose the best option for a particular car brand. In addition to high quality, users in their reviews note the ease of installation and the presence of a complete installation kit in some kits.

5 Nissens

The best operational life
Country: Denmark
Rating (2021): 4.7

When choosing to replace the original part of the cooling system, many car owners prefer reliable and high-quality products of the Swedish company Nissens. The presented company has almost a century of history, during which it has earned an impeccable reputation, putting safety and durability of its products at the forefront. Nissens cooling radiators also have the best performance characteristics and there are practically no negative reviews about them.

This manufacturer, in addition to aluminum, produces copper radiators, as well as those made exclusively of brass. Separately presented are models with plastic tanks that are not subject to deformation and mechanical damage. All types of radiators produced by this company are highly resistant to vibration and maximum pressure, and they are also distinguished by impeccable geometry and accuracy of landing dimensions.

4 Behr Hella

The most reliable radiators
Country: Germany
Rating (2021): 4.8

Behr Hella, one of the largest European manufacturers, presents state-of-the-art components for automotive engine cooling systems that meet the highest requirements in the aftermarket. The product range includes thermostats, temperature sensors, evaporators, radiators, etc.

One of the main achievements of this manufacturer is the successful introduction of “cellular” technology in the design of aluminum radiators at the very beginning of the company’s formation. Confirmation of the high quality and demand for Behr Hella products is the fact of direct deliveries to the conveyors of such global auto giants as Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mitsubishi, Ford.

3 Denso

High level of heat transfer
Country: Japan
Rating (2021): 4.8

Like the entire huge range of automotive components from the Japanese manufacturer Denso, engine cooling systems deserve a lot of positive reviews and are of high quality. They meet the most stringent international requirements and are able to function effectively even in critical temperatures.

A distinctive feature of Denso aluminum radiators is the reduced weight and size of the product compared to its analogues. At the same time, thanks to the latest developments and improved metal composition, it was possible to achieve maximum heat transfer with a minimum surface area.

2 Luzar

Best combination of performance and cost
Country: Russia
Rating (2021): 4.9

A special feature of this popular brand is its narrow specialization in the heat exchanger segment. The range of aluminum and copper radiators for cooling engines or air conditioning systems covers a wide segment of car brands, both foreign and domestic.

The company started with the production, among other things, of alternative products to replace copper radiators of VAZ models. Thanks to its affordable price and high quality, it quickly became one of the main suppliers of the factory conveyor. According to the owners, the choice in favor of Luzar is quite obvious, and not only because of its price attractiveness. The German SCHOLER line, manufacturing using a special technology and the experience of the military-industrial complex (the enterprise was organized on the basis of an Aircraft repair plant) ensured the impeccable quality of radiators from this manufacturer and the steadily growing demand in the domestic market.


Perfect quality
Country: Netherlands
Rating (2021): 4.9

AVA is one of the largest manufacturers of components for automotive air conditioning and cooling systems. The entire range of products presented on the secondary market is characterized by an affordable price. At the same time, the quality practically does not differ from the original spare parts installed on the car on the factory conveyor. A large number of positive reviews left not only by motorists, but also by repairmen, contribute to the growth of popularity and confidence in the cooling radiators produced by this company.

The company’s production facilities are located in 7 European countries, and all products have the necessary certificates of conformity. The range of AVA radiators is represented by copper, brass and aluminum models, which are in different price categories. Depending on the technical characteristics, all parts are divided into a budget and original line, while this does not affect the quality of the product in any way, which is confirmed in their reviews by almost all users.

Attention!The above information is not a guide to purchase. For any advice, please contact our specialists!

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