Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

A kettle is a necessary thing for the home. In modern times, when there is a lack of time, such a device significantly saves it. The electric glass version, which combines modern technologies and attractive design, has gained considerable popularity. Rating 2021-2021, reviews and recommendations will help you choose the right option for the kitchen.

  • pros and cons of glass models;
  • landmarks when choosing;
  • top models of 2021.

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Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Pros and cons

Teapots made of glass look elegant and are often equipped with lighting, making them a pleasant element of the interior.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Beautiful design of teapots is due to glass and its properties. The glass is tempered, thickened, completely transparent, which allows the device to withstand temperature changes. The material allows you to create unique visual effects, including lighting.

The choice of lighting and other effects is huge, not to mention the fact that the boiling itself looks mesmerizing. The teapot perfectly complements a designer kitchen or tea ceremony, although it looks unconventional in the latter.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Glass does not accumulate scale. It is chemically neutral and is not damaged by water or heat. Scale is formed only on the metal plate that serves as a heating element.

Although most teapots can display and adjust the heat themselves, human observation is useful if you want to achieve a strictly defined degree. With a trained eye, it is possible to determine the temperature with an accuracy of 2 degrees.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

The glass is easy to break or scratch. Accuracy will help to avoid this, but there is always a risk of breaking the kettle. Regardless of the degree of processing of glass and its strengthening, it will remain more fragile than plastic, iron or ceramics.

In cheap models, there is no specially prepared glass for temperature surges. Ordinary glass, unlike protective glass, can crack when filling a heated kettle with cold water.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Important:Glass teapots, although cheaper than ceramic ones, are much more expensive than plastic and some metal ones. Sometimes the cost does not pay off with a beautiful view, especially in matters of practicality and durability.

The kettle will have to be washed both inside and out – otherwise it will quickly lose its attractive appearance. Wash with products suitable for dishes or glass, be sure to wash the inside of the container.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

What to look for when choosing

When buying, look at five main factors::

  • volume and power consumption;
  • fire safety;
  • appearance;
  • the strength of the glass;
  • additional features.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Volume and power consumption are directly related. The larger the kettle, the more liquid it heats up at a time; the more liquid it heats up, the more energy it takes. Every day, the kettle is heated up to 10 times, which in total gives a large power consumption.

Choose the volume based on their personal needs. If the kettle is used for one or two mugs of tea or coffee, a volume of 600-800 ml is sufficient. If a couple of cups is not enough, look at the teapots with a large volume. The capacity of models on the market reaches up to 2-3 liters.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Important:Fire safety is expressed in the materials of the stand. The best solution is a metal that does not melt under the influence of heat. Safety is indirectly affected by the manufacturer: teapots of famous brands are tested and reliable.

The appearance of a teapot made of glass is not the last factor. Unusual shapes and lights are often used as decorations. The range also includes teapots with an equalizer function that responds to music.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Some models are made of reinforced glass that is resistant to mechanical damage. Take a closer look at the material prepared for temperature changes – it will save you from cracks when you change hot water to cold water abruptly.

The Council:There are also additional functions, such as a timer or temperature setting. They make operation more comfortable – for example, they allow you to maintain the desired temperature for brewing a certain type of tea or turn on the kettle at a certain time of day.

Glass, metal or ceramic teapot?

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Glass electric kettle-rating 2021-2021 says that it is much more popular than its metal and ceramic counterparts. This is especially noticeable in the expansion of glass models in the lines of manufacturers.

Metal combines strength and relatively low price, ceramic-durability and lack of scale. The choice is based on personal preferences and the design of the room. The cost of ordinary teapots is quite low, and if necessary, it is replaceable.

Top 4 backlit models

Backlighting is very popular among glass models. Below are the best illuminated glass electric kettles.

The TOP 4 looks like this:

  • Phillips 9340/90
  • VITEK VT-7008
  • Bork K 515
  • Bork K 810

Let’s consider the models separately.

Phillips 9340/90

Phillips makes a lot of different appliances, and their teapots are particularly good. 9340/90 is created using glass and stainless steel, which increases durability. The price varies from 2,800 to 3,500 rubles, depending on the store.

The power varies from 1800 to 2200 W, temperature regulation and heating time are not provided. Volume is indicated by the number of cups.

The backlight passes through the indicator lamp and is active when the device is turned on. The backlight color is red and is used for indication. The model deserves praise for its special strength and durability.

The only drawback is the plastic cover. Be careful with it, even though the kettle can work without it. The model is easy to clean, and the stainless steel is protected from scale. For extra protection, use filtered water.


VITEK produces inexpensive and practical equipment that, when used carefully, lasts for years. VT-7008-an ordinary teapot with transparent walls and lighting: nothing superfluous. Poor functionality is compensated by a low price and a long service life.

Maximum power – 2200 W, one backlight mode. Disadvantages – plastic cover and savings on materials, which pays off at a low cost. In case of a breakdown, the kettle can be easily replaced.

Bork K 515

Bork is a well-known Russian company. The K515 is relatively expensive, but the quality fully justifies the price. The kettle is made of stainless steel and glass, includes one illumination mode, heating adjustment. The cost is in the range of 6-8 thousand rubles.

Bork K 810

Stationary K810, in addition to the usual heating, includes many other useful functions. Built-in Cup and fine heating adjustment are designed for automatic brewing. Allows you to set the temperature pause and warm-up time. The program contains many ready-made presets. Unfortunately, the price in the region of 20 thousand rubles is not affordable for everyone.

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11 best electric kettles

Today, electric models of kettles have almost completely replaced their metal predecessors heated on the stove. And no wonder. They are more convenient, lightweight, practical and functional.

And the fact that they are turned off automatically after boiling water is not only convenient, but also additional safety for the owner. In addition, such kettles are more mobile – any electric kettle is suitable for both home cooking and work use.

All that is required is the presence of a water source and the presence of an electrical outlet. This rating will help you choose the best one for yourself from the huge abundance of models.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Electric kettle of which company to choose


Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

The most famous German company specializing in the production of a wide range of different types of high-quality household appliances. And electric kettles, in particular. A very large range of models from the most functional and technologically advanced with the ability to install and maintain various temperature modes (which immediately affects the price) to simple and relatively inexpensive ones.


Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Originally from the Netherlands, the company is known for its activities in several areas (healthcare, lighting products, consumer electronics and electronics). Electric kettles of this company are easily recognizable, always reliable and attractive in appearance. With all these advantages, Philips ‘ prices are quite affordable.


The international company, which is part of the SEB group, is famous not only for its non-burning pans and dishes, but also for the widest range of all kinds of kitchen appliances.

The range of Tefal electric kettles is quite diverse and can vary not only in shape, appearance and heater power, but also in size (from small-sized 1-1.5 liters to more spacious 1,7-2 liters).


Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

The Italian group of companies is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances. The products of this company are always distinguished by excellent quality and original design. Teapots of this manufacturer are not cheap, but fans of this technique know perfectly well what they are paying for.


Despite the fact that the name is in English, the Redmond brand is Russian and belongs to the St. Petersburg company Technopoisk. The equipment is assembled mainly in China, but in this particular case, the inscription on the products made in China does not mean at all that the quality is low. Mostly Russian consumers associate the company with slow cookers. However, both earlier and now, various types of household electrical appliances are manufactured under the Redmond brand. Including quite successful models of electric kettles.


An international company that symbolizes the guiding star (Polaris Alpha) with its name. Strives to be a leader in the production of household appliances. The main production is in China, which affects the affordability of prices, but the products produced are quite decent quality.


A Russian-Chinese brand registered in the UK. All equipment of this brand is manufactured in China. The popularity of Scarlett kitchen appliances is due to the low price and variety of the range.

Among the teapots, the most attractive models for most consumers are those with a transparent glass case and backlighting. A good ratio between an affordable price for everyone and quite decent quality.

Popularity rating among the best electric kettles

This rating is based on the ratings of current users of various models of electric kettles. The following criteria were taken into account when compiling the report::

  • Power of the device;
  • Capacity (maximum volume of water to be filled in);
  • The type of heating element and device stand;
  • Housing material;
  • Additional functionality.

The best models among teapots with a metal body

Philips HD 9306

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

A decent electric kettle with a capacity of 1.5 liters with a one-piece eco-friendly housing made of food-grade stainless steel without a transparent plastic insert for indicating the water level (scale inside). This will avoid the appearance of foreign odors and protects against leaks. The power is quite sufficient (1800 W) and this will ensure a comfortable boiling speed. The heating element is closed, and the round stand supports the rotation of the kettle 360 degrees. The lid opens with a single movement, which allows you to avoid burns. This model can be attributed to budget metal kettles with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Advantages, according to the owners:

  • Robust construction;
  • The entire surface inside is completely made of metal;
  • There are no odors;
  • Fast boiling;
  • It doesn’t turn on without water;
  • Convenient cover;
  • Affordable price.


  • Small capacity (1.5 liters);
  • Too noisy (like other models with a hidden heater);
  • There is no backlight or beep (just a click).

Bosch TWK 1201N

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Quite a roomy model (1.7 liters) from a good manufacturer. It has a case made of high-quality “stainless steel”. Hidden spiral, placed on the stand in any position. Fast heating due to good power (1800 W). Excellent degree of safety – shutdown after boiling, blocking without water.

What users like:

  • Easy-to-clean all-metal flask;
  • There is no smell;
  • Reliability;
  • Sufficient capacity and good power;
  • High-quality plastic;
  • Reasonable price.


  • The polished surface gets dirty (fingerprints remain).);
  • Not a very convenient cover;
  • The cord is too short.

Advanced and functional model with temperature control and maintenance. The case is steel, but it is equipped with double walls, which prevents it from overheating from the outside. The power is quite high (2400 W), which means that the water boils very quickly.

It is possible to set five different temperature modes – from 40 to 100°C, and heating is supported for up to 12 hours. There is a blocking of switching on when there is no water.

A nice “feature” of this model of electric kettle is an additional option – the ability to control both using its own touch panel, and by remote control using a mobile device (IOS or Android).

Advantages of this model according to the owners ‘ estimates:

  • Very interesting design;
  • Good range of supported temperatures;
  • No foreign odors;
  • Ability to manage from your phone;
  • Good power output.


  • Small remote control range;
  • From the phone, it turns on when there is no water (you need to check it);
  • Inconvenient button illumination;
  • Bulky stand.

Delonghi KBOV 2001

A fairly powerful (2000 W) metal kettle with a volume of 1.7 liters from a good manufacturer. This model does not have any supernatural additional features or “bells and whistles”at all.

It simply boils water quickly and efficiently. The kettle is very simple and reliable, and thanks to the protection against switching on heating without water, it is also safe.

A distinctive feature of the model is an incredibly attractive retro design.


  • Excellent appearance;
  • Sufficient capacity;
  • Brand name;
  • Reliability;
  • Frosted wall of the housing;
  • There is no smell.


  • The case is warming up;
  • The high price;
  • It makes a lot of noise when working.

One and a half liter electric kettle with a high heating power of 2400 watts. It has a two-way water level display, a flat fuel tank, a stand with 360-degree rotation support, and a wide-opening lid (for a more convenient Bay).

Main advantages:

  • Boils water quickly;
  • Despite the plastic case it does not smell;
  • Low price for a “branded” product;
  • Reliable;
  • A convenient button.


  • A small amount;
  • There is no backlight;
  • Transparent water level inserts can cause unexpected leaks over time.

Different numbers in the marking of this essentially the same kettle indicate its specific color (white, beige, red and black). Water capacity 1.7 l.

Rapid boiling of water is achieved at the expense of a considerable power of 2400 watts. The simple, and therefore incredibly reliable design of the kettle, coupled with excellent build quality, will not disappoint future owners.

Traditionally, for Bosch, there is a block on the inclusion of heating in the absence of water.

Advantages, according to the current owners:

  • Reliable and roomy;
  • It boils quickly;
  • No smell, high-quality plastic;
  • Reliable removable lid won’t open accidentally, easy to wash and pour water;
  • The main advantage is the price.


  • Noisy work (at a fairly high temperature is not a particular problem);
  • The cord is too short.

Tefal BF 9251 Silver Ion

Cute model in a plastic case with silver ions for protection from bacteria and germs from a reliable manufacturer. Decent power (2400 W) and sufficient capacity (1.7 liters) plus a reliable flat type of heater – not bad characteristics for a good home electric kettle.


  • Nice design;
  • There is a lid lock;
  • Boils water quickly;
  • Convenient water spout;
  • Reasonable price.


  • It’s noisy;
  • Shakes on the stand during the boiling process.

Best modifications of ceramic teapots

Polaris PWK1731CC

Ceramic electric kettle with a capacity of 1.7 liters of water and with a good heater power of 1800 watts. The lid is removable with a rubber seal. The case is solid without a transparent insert. The indication for water intake is located inside. The kettle is equipped with special silicone feet to reduce noise. Instead of the usual descaling filter, a ceramic mesh is used.


  • Ceramic – there are no foreign odors and the water does not cool down for a long time;
  • Not noisy;
  • Easy to wash;
  • It boils quickly;
  • Beautiful design.


  • To fill, you need to remove the lid;
  • Ceramic is a more fragile material and requires caution;
  • To determine the level necessary to open the lid.

Compact ceramic model (1.2 liters) with an original design, reminiscent of a regular teapot. The power consumption is only 1200 watts. There is a block on switching on without water. The presence of rubberized feet allows you to reduce noise during operation. The ceramic case is solid without transparent inserts.


  • Two cups included;
  • It looks nice;
  • Keeps you warm for a long time;
  • It works quite quietly.


  • A small amount;
  • It boils slowly;
  • High price.

Best glass teapots

Scarlett SC-224

Quite an attractive transparent teapot with internal lighting. Its internal volume is 1.7 liters, and the heating power is 2200 watts. Convenient opening of the lid with a button, flat heating element, stand with 360-degree rotation around the axis. A very good option for a budget electric kettle of decent quality.


  • Cute design;
  • Beautiful blue neon lighting;
  • Heats up water quickly;
  • Transparent, two-way level indication;
  • Not noisy;
  • Low price.


  • At first, the smell of plastic may be present;
  • Small nose;
  • It becomes contaminated with scale.

Element el’kettle WF04GB

Advanced model with the ability to set and maintain the temperature for various tea and coffee recipes. The power is 2400 W, and the capacity is 1.7 liters. the Case is made of high-quality metal and heat-resistant glass. The spiral is closed. Five options for setting the temperature regime (varies from 50 to 100°C.


  • Attractive appearance;
  • Temperature adjustment;
  • Transparent;
  • Convenient spout and filter;
  • Beep.


  • Does not rotate on the stand;
  • There is a plastic smell from the lid;
  • High price.

What kind of electric kettle is worth buying

1. If you are limited in funds – the best choice for you is inexpensive models with a body made of good quality “odorless” plastic. Of course, the sellers in the store will tell you that the smell will disappear after a few boils or when citric acid is added to the water. This does sometimes fix the problem. And sometimes not.

It is better not to hesitate to ask the seller to boil water in a kettle right in the store and see the result. Or you can immediately choose a better model, even with a small surcharge. But then you don’t have to “enjoy” drinks with the smell or (even worse) the taste of burnt plastic.

The leaders in terms of quality are traditionally Philips, Bosch and Tefal kettles.

2. for those whose goal is to purchase a device made of environmentally friendly materials without unnecessary odors and with a minimum of plastic at an adequate price, steel models with a solid flask made of food-grade “stainless steel” will be the best choice. The best representatives of such teapots of different brands are described above.

You can choose based on personal preferences for a particular manufacturer, on the appearance of the kettle, or, in the end, on the price. If the budget allows, you should consider options for models that have double walls. They will prevent the kettle from getting too hot outside and will keep the heat inside longer.

3. For fans of the original and attractive design will be relevant ceramic teapots. Owners of old-style kitchens will especially like the exterior design of some models. In addition, in addition to the beauty of the product itself, the water in the ceramic case will not cool down much longer. And any extraneous odors are completely excluded.

4. A more modern design is inherent in models with a transparent glass case (especially if there is a backlight).

At first, the new owners of such a teapot gather around it with the whole family to watch the colorful boiling process (usually children are most happy).

However, it should be remembered that ceramics and glass are heavier in weight and still fragile materials and require more careful handling and care.

5. Finally, for lovers alone to brew different types of coffee or tea with precise adherence to the recipe (to get really high quality and flavorful beverage) will be indispensable advanced kind of kettle, whose functionality is augmented by the option of multiple selection of the temperature and maintaining it at this level for a long time.

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Glass electric kettle: rating 2021 – 2021, which is better, reviews

Today we will tell you what a modern glass electric kettle is. The rating in this category is prepared specifically for those who care about reliability, functionality, and quality.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Features of the right choice

To choose the best model, we recommend that you follow the following guidelines::

  • One of the important criteria isthe volume. The device for one and a half liters is enough for a family of four people.
  • It is necessary to take into account the power of the kettle. This directly affects the boiling time in the appliance. The indicator ranges from 1000-3000 watts. If the wiring is unreliable, we recommend purchasing low-power models.
  • When purchasingtake a closer look at the type of heating element. There are closed and open spirals. Devices with a spiral of the first type work quietly, but they are difficult to clean from scale. The second type of construction is a closed element or disk. The difference is in the spiral that first heats the bottom and then the water. The disk warms the liquid immediately, so it wins in speed and economy.
  • The contact group– the part that connects the container to the database. It is located in the center of the stand or on the side. The first option is optimal and makes the kettle more compact.
  • Securityoperation of the kettle is an important parameter when choosing a device. If there is no liquid in them, there is an auto-off system. Additionally, popular models have an auto-off function when boiling.

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

The next important parameter when buying is the material of manufacture. Popular ones are:

  • ceramics;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

Devices made of plastic have a low price, but are impractical. During their operation, an unpleasant smell appears. The metal device boils water quickly, but the case itself heats up. This is something you should pay attention to if you have small children.

Ceramic – allows heated water to keep its temperature longer. At the same time, the heating time, price and weight are more.

The glass device compares favorably with the rest of its environmental friendliness and is ideal for the home. Through the transparent walls, it is convenient to observe the water level. The material should be constantly maintained (wiped from the outside and inside). Do you want to know what is the best glass electric kettle? The rating will help you decide on your question.

Top 3 best backlit models

Your attention is drawn to the best glass electric kettles with lighting. The list includes reliable and popular models. We hope that this information will be useful for you to choose the right model.

The list is based on:

  • characteristics of the model from the manufacturer;
  • reviews from buyers and expert sellers;
  • value for money;
  • country of origin.

As a result, we have selected three most suitable candidates that are worthy of buying by right. Having purchased them, be sure that they will serve you for a long time.

Philips glass electric kettles-reviews and characteristics. Philips HD 9342

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

Volume, liters. 1.5
Power, Watt 2200
Features of heating Spiral with closed construction
Security Cover lock, water-free lock

The kettle is reliable and with a stylish design. Hot water comes into contact with the plastic only when the water is poured, which guarantees the absence of unpleasant odors.

The kettle is convenient in terms of maintenance, and the filter scale grid really helps. I am a tea lover and use it constantly. I like the classic design, suitable for the interior of the kitchen.

In today’s market, I believe that the model has the best price/quality ratio.


Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget

The volume (full) 1.7 liters
Power output 2200w
Type of heating Closed spiral
Protection Auto-off when water boils and is not present

A great tea! No smell of plastic, beautiful lighting, comfortable and pleasant handle. It has been stationary at my office for a long time. There are no problems with it when using your office every day!

KitFort KT-601

Rating of the best glass electric kettles by reviews-Gadget


I wanted to buy a reliable and high-quality kettle. We’ve been looking for a suitable model for a long time. As a result, we opted for KitFort, Which has not upset us in the long time that we have been using It. It is easy to clean, the spout is made very convenient. This is an affordable and practical model. I recommend you to purchase it!

Video: rating of dummies 2021

  • Finally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the thematic video reviews of the devices:
  • As a conclusion, we recommend that you follow the tips below:
  • Don’t go after brands. Popular brands often increase the price of products.
  • Choose a product based on your feelings. It is extremely important how the kettle looks from the outside, how it feels to the touch.
  • Look for the right quality-to-price ratio. Manufacturers usually add to the price for features that you will rarely use.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

Which glass teapot is better to buy (electric kettle made of glass) – electric, choose, reviews, rating

An electric kettle is a necessary household appliance in the realities of modern life. It’s fast, practical, and convenient. Those who care about their own health often prefer devices made of metal and glass.

And this is quite understandable, because unlike plastic, glass is eco-friendly, does not affect the quality and taste of water. When the temperature rises, the glass does not emit harmful chemicals for the body and keeps the water hot for a long time.

Now it remains to figure out which glass teapot is best to buy, because there are a lot of them on the shelves of modern stores.

Advantages of glass electric kettles

Consider the main advantages of glass models, which will be useful if the buyer decided to make a choice in favor of just such an electric appliance for the kitchen:

  • The inertia of the glass. According to the manufacturer’s guarantees, proper use of the electric kettle and regular maintenance is a guarantee that the water will not have an extraneous taste and unpleasant smell, even with prolonged operation.
  • Easy maintenance. The scale that appears when heating water does not settle on the glass walls and is quickly washed off. If you regularly take care of the device and wash it, it will significantly increase the period of use.
  • High heat capacity. The glass case, unlike the plastic one, retains heat several times longer.

Important!In glass models of electric kettles, water stays hot longer.

  • Beautiful appearance. Modern models are equipped by manufacturers not only with a stylish look, for example, a combination of glass and metal, but also with a lot of interesting options — bright case illumination, changing the color of the backlight when water is heated. You can easily choose an electric kettle that will fit into the interior of any kitchen.

Which glass electric kettle is better to buy-TOP 7 models

To determine which electric glass kettle is best to choose, you should focus on the rating of models presented below. It is based on customer feedback.

Kitfort KT-623

The device is made of steel and glass, with a volume of 1.5 liters, power of 2200 watts. It has the functions of indicating switching on, maintaining heat. It is possible to choose the temperature of water heating. It can be placed on the stand in any position.

Important!A teapot is included.

Other useful options:

  • power-on lock if there is no water in the tank;
  • sound notification;
  • 5 temperature settings.

Polaris PWK 1719CGL

Inexpensive but functional modern electric kettle with a capacity of 2200 W, volume of 1.7 liters, enough for the average family. Made of steel and glass. The stand allows you to put the kettle on it in any position.

  • It is equipped with a water level indicator and bright illumination, which gives the device style.
  • Additional options:
  • locking the lid opening;
  • blocking the kettle from turning on if there is no water in it.

Polaris PWK 1719CGL

Philips HD9340

Strict and concise design, which at the same time looks expensive. Compact and low-noise kettle from Philips. A volume of 1.5 liters, power of 2200 watts. It can be purchased for one person or a small family. It is made, like the previous models, of glass and steel.

  • blocking of switching on when there is no water;
  • automatic shutdown if the device is removed from the stand;
  • power-on indication.

Price — 2990 rubles


Interesting design, fast heating speed, bright lighting — all this is about the Redmond electric kettle. And also-a combination of glass and steel, volume of 1.7 liters, standard power of 2200 watts. Such a purchase will be useful in the kitchen for the whole family.

Options that may be of interest to the user:

  • blocking the lid opening and switching on without water;
  • anti-scale filter.

The price is 2499 rubles.

Tefal KI 770D

High-quality model from Tefal. Interesting appearance, ergonomic, good build. Volume-1.7 liters, power 2200 watts. It is made of metal and glass, equipped with a backlit case.

  • cover lock;
  • power-on indicator;
  • descaling filter.


Beautiful and effective design, illumination, fast heating of water, auto-shutdown works well-this is offered to us by the manufacturer of electric kettles Vitek. Standard average volume of 1.7 liters and 2200 watts of power.

The model is inexpensive, so there are a minimum of additional functions:

  • device power-on indication;
  • blocking of switching on when there is no water in the tank.

Scarlett SC-EK27G46

Budget, but high-quality model from Scarlett. It looks stylish thanks to the combination of glass, metal and plastic. Quickly heats up water, has a backlight.

  • water quantity indicator;
  • built-in descaling filter.

The price is 1,381 rubles.

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