Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

The food processor is a fantastic thing today. It combines the functions of many devices, from a blender to a meat grinder, without taking up much space. You can endlessly list the functions of this wonderful unit. Rating TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021! Which one is best to buy, and reviews will help you learn more about them and choose the right one based on your requirements and personal motivations.

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

Rating of the 7 best food processors 2021-2021

After studying the characteristics, pros and cons, customer reviews and specialists on the Internet, we have compiled our list of the best models. It will help you learn more about combine harvesters and make the right and efficient purchase.

The rating includes::

  • Philips HR7605.
  • Redmond RFP-M3905.
  • Braun FX 3030.
  • Philips HR7778.
  • Tefal DO250DAE.
  • Kenwood Ch 180.
  • Bosch MUM 4880.

Let’s go to the description of each candidate.

Philips HR7605

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

Opens our rating model from the famous manufacturer Philips. It has sharp blades of high quality, attachments for kneading dough of any consistency. There is a special disk that cuts vegetables into slices and can chop. Care for such a unit is simple and easy, thanks to a smooth coating of high quality.

Power output 350 W
Bowl capacity 2.1 l
Speeds 1
Overall dimensions 24x18x24
Weight 1.6 kg
  • functional, has a large number of functions that reduce cooking time;
  • compact (24x18x25cm);
  • inside there is a special storage with attachments;
  • convenient use, thanks to easy operation;
  • high-quality details.
  • small bowl volume-2.1 l.

With the purchase of a food processor, life has become much easier. He is a great helper in the kitchen and not only. Cooking has become much easier, and the cooking time has become just minimal. There is much more free time.

Redmond RFP-M3905

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

The presented model has gained its popularity among users thanks to the new version of the chopper. It consists of several knives in the form of disks for various vegetables and fruits. It is complemented by a functional double-sided knife. One side is designed to be cut into slices, and the other is designed to be ground.

Power output 700 W
The bowl 3.5 l
Blender there is
Speeds 2
The speed of rotation 17,000 rpm
  • durable and high-quality stainless steel knives;
  • the kit includes covers for blades and knives;
  • large bowl capacity-3.5 l;
  • additionally, a fine grater is included with the combine;
  • cuts into identical shapes;
  • the robust construction is made of high-quality plastic.
  • cuts only cold foods, hot ones become porridge after slicing;
  • knives should be dried after washing.

I didn’t regret my choice. the purchase is really good. It seems to me that such a combine will be enough for me for the rest of my life. Copes with its work perfectly. All the cuts that I made have the same shape, they just can’t be distinguished from each other.

Braun FX 3030

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

The next model of the company brown from our rating is the best, which has the function of a juicer. It consists of two different bowls located next to each other. There are a large number of useful modes that any hostess will appreciate.

Color white and green
Power output 800 W
The bowl 2 l
Body plastic
Shredder 0.75 l
  • functional, has 15 speeds;
  • adjustment of grinding is carried out manually, thanks to a special pulse mode;
  • works with all citrus fruits using the press;
  • two juicers for soft and hard products;
  • attachments are included in the package, no additional costs are required;
  • safe thanks to a special function: operation starts only after closing the lid.
  • the waste container fills up quickly;
  • the bowl is fragile because it is made of plastic.

Great stuff. Grinds minced meat perfectly. Lumps and cartilage do not remain, cutlets from such minced meat are simply the most tender. I tried to squeeze out the juice, everything is fine here too. Squeezes quickly and without any problems. You just need to control the process and remove unnecessary garbage in time.

Philips HR7778

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

This model of the famous Philips company has in its kit a huge number of attachments and replaceable parts, which may seem large. Despite this, it does not take up much space in the kitchen and has a special container designed for storing removable parts. Great for daily use because of its great endurance.

Power output 1,000 watts
The bowl 3.4 l
The volume of the blender 1.5
Housing material plastic
Disk 1-17 mm
  • compact, dimensions-35×20. 5×15 cm;
  • many attachments – 6 PCs;
  • storage container;
  • powerful – 1,000 watts;
  • the juicer has a special iron mesh;
  • all dishes are marked with a dimensional division;
  • the cord easily hides in the case and does not take up any space;
  • the included brush is designed for cleaning the combine.
  • it makes a lot of noise during operation.

I use cutting into strips. You get perfect smooth slices of cucumbers and tomatoes. I also make Apple juice with ease, the combine does everything for me. I’m just here to download and pick up.

Tefal DO250DAE

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

The first model from our rating, designed mainly for whipping mashed potatoes. It consists of a stand and a replaceable bowl with a pitcher. A fairly compact version that doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen.

Power output 750 W
The bowl 3 l
Blender 1.25 l
Number of speeds 2
  • compact and doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen;
  • there is a special container designed for storing attachments;
  • easy making mouth-watering mashed potatoes with no lumps;
  • it can even beat meat.
  • a small plug from the cord.

I prepare mashed potatoes using a food processor. It turns out tender, homogeneous and has no lumps – a big plus that I appreciate. Small and fits even in a small kitchen Cabinet and causes absolutely no problems in operation.

Kenwood Ch 180

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

It has small dimensions and saves space in the kitchen. Perfect for families with small children, as it perfectly cooks mashed potatoes. Any products are whipped to an airy consistency.

Type shredder
Power output 300 W
Bowl capacity 0.35 l
Housing material plastic
Weight 0, 95 kg
  • compact (19×11. 8×14. 5 cm);
  • made of durable and high-quality plastic;
  • the nozzles are located in a special storage area;
  • easily whips up any products to a uniform consistency;
  • leaves no lumps.
  • not detected.

A great helper in the kitchen when there are two children at home! Makes mashed potatoes even of the most hard fruits perfectly. Children like it, excellent consistency and no lumps.

Bosch MUM 4880

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

A beautiful combined combine harvester from Bosch contains a large set of useful functions. Perfectly performs all the necessary work. For example, it cuts any food into one size, easily twists minced meat from any type of meat and squeezes juice without any problems.

Power output 600 W
Bowl capacity 3.9 l
Speeds 4
Weight 6.5 kg
Cord length 1.20 m
  • takes up little space on your Desk while you work;
  • the blender can grind coffee;
  • knead any dough;
  • the meat grinder quickly turns even tough meat.
  • the power cord does not fold.

I bought this item as a gift to my wife. She says it made her work in the kitchen easier. Now she does not need to spend a long time grinding minced meat by hand and kneading tight dough, all this is done for her while she is resting. Great car, I recommend it to everyone!

Comparative table of presented food processors

The table below shows the main characteristics of the models we have reviewed. It will help you make the right choice and not regret it.

Power (W) Overall dimensions (cm) Weight (kg)

Best in its category!

After the above rating, we decided to make a list of the best models of mixers in each category:

  • The most budget-friendly model.
  • Combine with a meat grinder.
  • Combined harvester.
  • The model with the slicing discs.

I suggest you go to the description of the model in each section.

The most budget-friendly model

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

Philips HR7628 Daily Collectionexcellent budget model from a time-tested manufacturer. It is designed for long daily loads, so it can easily cope with even the hardest products. It has a new PowerChop function, thanks to which the blades have a special shape and angle of placement.

Model number HR2711/20
Guarantee 2 years old
Power output 1,600 W
Number of speeds 1
Performance 1.7 kg / min
Weight 3.54 kg

Price:5,500 rubles.

Combine harvester with meat grinder

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

Kenwood KVC5100Ywell equipped with a bowl with a volume of 4.6 liters. The model from Kenwood is not afraid of long work, and therefore overheating. The kit includes only a couple of attachments, but you can buy the necessary ones in the store.

The warranty period 2 years old
Power cord 1.2 m
Power output 1 200 W
Number of attachments 3 pieces
Speeds 8 pieces
Weight 8.1 kg

Price:39 900 rubles.

Combined harvester

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

Bosch MCM 3501Mit has a chopper designed for working with small portions. The kit includes a special case that provides compact storage of all attachments.

Power output 800 W
The bowl 2.3 l
Blender 1 l
Number of speeds 2 pieces
Number of attachments 7

Price:8,000 rubles.

The model with the slicing discs

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

Galaxy Gl2302it has in its kit a universal knife and a nozzle for cutting different types. It does not make loud noises, while ensuring comfortable operation. It is easy to operate and does not require a highly qualified user.

Power output 800 W
The bowl 1.2 l
Speeds 2
Attachments 4 pieces
Mode pulse mode

Price:7,500 rubles.

TOP 5 most important questions about combine harvesters

Which food processor should I choose for a small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, then you should immediately refuse models that do not have a special container for storing attachments in their kit. Otherwise, you will have to look for additional space for them.

Which model should I choose for a small family?

A family of 3-4 people is quite suitable model with a bowl with a volume of at least 2 liters. It is quite enough to prepare a meal for everyone at one time.

How to choose a good plastic model?

If when choosing a food processor you paid attention to the plastic unit, then you should pay attention to the shade and smell. If the color is yellowish and there is a sharp smell of plastic, then you should refuse such a purchase.

Rating of TOP 7 best food processors 2021-2021

What is the feature set of these devices?

The number and type of functions directly depends on the model of the combine and its cost. Don’t expect a bunch of features from a budget model. You need to proceed from your own requirements.

What determines the number of attachments included?

The number of attachments directly depends on the functions and cost of the device. The basic equipment usually includes attachments for cutting, grinding and squeezing juice.

What else do you need to know before buying?

Before buying a kitchen assistant, you should know what nuances you should pay attention to in order to make a good choice.

  • Power.It completely affects your capabilities. If you are going to use the combine for daily work, then you should choose a model with a power of 700 to 100 watts.
  • Number of speeds.Provides the user with a choice of optimal processing of products.
  • Equipment.It consists of a number of attachments. If you don’t have the ones you need, you’ll have to overpay and purchase them separately.
  • Additional features.They can make the use more comfortable.
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