Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

Technology has now reached such a level that it is absolutely necessary to have a kettle and a thermos flask for home use. Previously, it was necessary to use a kettle to boil water, and to keep the water hot, we used a thermos flask. Now everything is easier-buy a thermopot. The top 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021 rating will tell you which one is best to buy! Which company is better, reviews, pros and cons will be discussed below.

Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

Rating of the 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

A thermopot is a device that contains two devices: a thermos flask and a kettle, but how to choose a decent device and not for a fabulous price? We have prepared a rating of the 7 best devices, including:

  • Centek CT-0080;
  • Great Rivers Of Tea-8;
  • Centek CT-1081;
  • Galaxy GL 0605 white;
  • Vigor HX-2235;
  • Oursson TP3310PD/DC.

Below we will look at the positive and negative aspects of each device, characteristics and user opinions. Enjoy reading it!

Centek CT-0080

Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

The original model, made in a white case, is decorated with 2 additional colors: red and silver. The result is a beautiful and stylish device that will decorate your kitchen.

The volume 3 l
Material metal
Temperature, °C 60, 100
Weight, kg 3
Power, W 600 W
  • material of manufacture-metal;
  • useful features: overheat protection and auto-lock when water is low;
  • 3 modes of water supply.
  • stainless steel flask.
  • there is no filter;
  • short cord (1 m).

Purchased recently, as the old one is out of order. I can say one thing: a decent device for its price category. Boils quickly, as many as 3 modes of water supply, made of high-quality materials. Another belief that cheap doesn’t mean bad.

Great Rivers Of Tea-8

Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

The model has an original design, made in black color with a beautiful pattern on the body. Among the advantages: high power and volume of the thermal slot. There is a function for maintaining the temperature.

The volume 5.6 l
Material metal
Power output 800 W
Overall dimensions 27x37x20 cm
Weight 2.565 kg

Price: 1,699 rubles.

  • silent operation;
  • 1.2 m removable wire;
  • sufficient power (800 W);
  • the case does not heat up, so the user is not threatened with the possibility of getting burned in contact with the device.
  • the stated information does not correspond to the actual one (in fact, the volume is only 4 liters).);
  • massive (27x37x20 cm), takes up a lot of space.

Not a bad device, with a beautiful shell and a high-quality internal component. Good power, but large dimensions. There are enough wires, the case does not heat up, and there is enough power. In General, the purchase is more than satisfied. My husband and I recommend it!

Centek CT-1081

Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

Another model with an original design, made in a white plastic case with the addition of a decorative pattern (poppies). It looks beautiful and elegant. In addition, the device has good technical characteristics.

Material plastic
The volume 6 l
Power, W 750 W
Weight, kg 2.5 kg
Temperature, °C 100

Price tag: 2,750 rubles.

  • a large volume (6 l);
  • sufficient size of the cord (1.2 m);
  • there is protection against overheating.
  • missing filter;
  • material (plastic).

An unrealistically beautiful device, while also coping with its function with a Bang. Low weight, good power, long cord – not all of its advantages. But you can’t do without disadvantages – an important thing is missing-the filter. It’s not critical, but it’s excusable for such a cost. We recommend you to purchase this “baby”.

Galaxy GL 0605

Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

The device with an elegant pattern on the case will fit into any interior. Economical, functional, high-quality – not all of its positive aspects.

Power, W 900 W
The volume 5 l
Material plastic, metal
Weight, kg 3 kg
Temperature, °C 60, 95

The price will be 2,450 Russian rubles.

  • large water capacity (5 liters);
  • three modes of water flow;
  • boiling point indicator;
  • blocking accidental water supply.
  • large dimensions (25. 5x42x25. 5 cm).

Beautiful, functional, with a large number of modes. That’s all I’ve been looking for and found. One but: large, for a small kitchen it will be problematic to put it, however, I do not consider it a minus, only a feature. I recommend buying it!

Vigor HX-2235

Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

Vigor HX-2235 is a device that combines a thermos flask and a kettle. Made of high-quality material. There are 3 options for water supply: manual, automatic, and also through a special valve. There is a 360-degree rotation.

Power, W 800
The volume 4 l
Material metal, plastic
Temperature, °C 68, 85, 98
Weight, kg 2.6
  • there is an indication;
  • there is protection against overheating;
  • 360 degree rotation;
  • carrying handle.
  • short cord (1 m).

There is a removable cover, which is a great advantage of the model. It heats up, but only slightly. It works in several temperature modes, which is an advantage. Relatively light weight, there is no discomfort when traveling. Stainless steel flask. During operation, no problems were found with the device.


Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

An indispensable device if you have a small child who may need warm water at any moment (for example, to make porridge). Thermopot is made in black and silver version.

Power, W 750
Material metal
The volume 3.5 l
Temperature, °C 89, 91
Weight, kg 2.54 kg

Price tag: 4,250 rubles.

  • 360 degree rotation;
  • pump lockout;
  • power in the temperature maintenance mode is only 35 W.
  • short cord (80 cm).

It was a birthday present from my parents. We are happy with the device, but the cord is short, which leads to some discomfort. The rest is super. Economical, functional and beautiful. You can buy it, because it is also economical. Power in the temperature maintenance mode is only 35 W!

Oursson TP3310PD/DC

Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

A device designed in a Burgundy tone. Among the advantages, we can mention the electronic control system, automatic temperature maintenance, fast heating and the presence of illumination.

Power, W 750
Temperature, °C 40, 50, 65, 85, 98
The volume 3.3 l
Material plastic
Weight, kg 2.3 kg

Price: 5499 rubles.

  • there is a backlight present;
  • five operating modes, in different temperatures (40, 50, 65, 85, 98);
  • cord (1.2 m);
  • light weight (2.3 kg);
  • electronic control system.
  • there is no filter.

I don’t like the Burgundy color, but its functionality interested me. I bought it, I don’t regret it, even the color became pretty. It has a light weight, enough volume for 3 people, a 1.2 meter cord. Multi-functional, convenient, there are five modes of operation in different temperatures. I advise you to buy a high-quality and decent device for purchase.

Comparative table of submitted thermal pots

In order to decide on your choice, we recommend that you take a look at the comparison table of the presented models. After all, as they say, everything is known in comparison.

TOP 5 most important questions about thermopots

Rating of TOP 7 best thermal pots 2021-2021

We offer you to get acquainted with the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

  • Thermopot or kettle – which is better?

Naturally thermopot. The device itself contains 2 devices-a kettle and a thermos flask. Now everything is simple, no need to run every hour to boil the kettle. As long as the device is connected to the power grid, it will maintain the set temperature. Now there is no need to run around warming the kettle if necessary.

  • Can I buy a device with an open heater?

Buying a device with an open heater is not the best idea. Because this type will accumulate scale. If you do not want to drink tea or coffee with pieces of scale, buy with a built-in heating element.

  • Glass or metal flask?

Difficult question. Both the first and second materials have drawbacks. Glass can break, and metal can be damaged by cleaning with abrasive substances. If there are Pets in the house, such as a cat or a dog, then it is better to stop at the second option. If not, go to the first one.

  • With what power to take?

The recommended power for heating water is up to 1000 watts. It is better to take something average, 750-800 Watts. To maintain the temperature – up to 100 watts. The smaller the better, in order to save electricity.

  • Which building is better to buy in? Metal or plastic?

Metal – better quality, but also more expensive. In General, none of the material types are heated for safety reasons. Therefore, which one to take is everyone’s business.

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