Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

Wood acts as a material often used during renovation or furniture creation. It attracts everyone with its beautiful appearance, but repels with a lot of trouble and difficult maintenance, since humidity and parasites adversely affect the material. In order to make it safer and reduce the risk of spoilage, it is customary to use impregnating agents. One of the few is an antiseptic.

Choose the best antiseptic for wood! Top 7 rating, characteristics, reviews, price will help you find a suitable tool for certain conditions that can protect the material for a long time.

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood

Among the entire variety of antiseptic products that fight parasites in wood, we have identified the most effective and easy-to-use. Based on them, a rating of the best has been compiled, which includes:

  1. Tikkurila Valtti Expert Base.
  2. Pinotex Natural.
  3. Dufa Wood Protect.
  4. Pirilaks-Suite.
  5. Norteks-Disinfector.
  6. NEOMID 400.
  7. Senezh Agneby Of Prof.

We will describe each presented tool and reveal all its weaknesses and strengths.

Tikkurila Valtti Expert Base

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

An effective tool from a company from Finland. The manufacturer pays great attention to quality control of its product, which is why it is so popular these days. It is a universal tool, since it is used as an antiseptic for wood and a primer for the area of application of coloring agents. After application, it dries quickly enough, while it does not emit any smell. Sold in cans with a volume of 9 liters.

Color colorless
Gloss level absent
Diluent agent water
  • used as a primer;
  • it has a great penetrating power;
  • dries in 10-15 minutes;
  • it has no smell;
  • resistant, lasts for about five years, after which the coating should be updated.
  • not detected.

Price: from 2,500 to 3,000 rubles.

I am glad to buy such a universal tool. The cost, of course, is high, but this minus compensates for the versatility. It can be used as a primer for paint, which is good news. The tool lasts long enough by my standards.

Pinotex Natural

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

The presented antiseptic protects the tree for up to five years. The natural beauty of the material is achieved due to the transparency of the product. In addition, the antiseptic is suitable for the treatment of walls, gazebos and fences. You can work with different tools that the user chooses at their own discretion. In order to obtain a transparent antiseptic, the manufacturer resorted to the use of AWB. The consumption of the product is 10 liters per 1 square meter.

Fits sawn and planed wood
Expiration date 5 years old
Layers 2-3
  • easy application attracts most buyers;
  • after contact with the material, it forms a protective film.
  • dries for about 1-2 hours;
  • the presence of a sharp and unpleasant smell, which practically does not fade.

Price: from 500 to 680 rubles.

My choice fell on this tool because of the budget price, compared to others. While working, I slightly regretted my choice. The fact is that the impregnation dries for a long time and all this time reliably retains an unpleasant and persistent smell that cannot be eroded.

Dufa Wood Protect

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

The most recommended tool by specialists, designed to prevent the impact of negative factors that contribute to wood damage. Weather resistance is achieved due to the composition on an acrylic-alkyd basis. According to the generally accepted decision, he received the title of the best antiseptic designed to process wood of even the most noble breeds.

Expenditure 1 l to 10 m2
Storage in a dry, warm place
the degree of gloss noble matte finish
  • there is no unpleasant smell;
  • repels water;
  • helps to preserve the natural structure of the tree.
  • greater efficiency is achieved with repeated application.

Price: from 3,500 to 4,100 rubles.

Before buying, I carefully studied the strengths and weaknesses. Weak, I think, is repeated application, which requires a serious investment of time. One layer dries for about 2-3 hours. Pluses save the whole situation, because the product has no smell and repels water.


Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

This impregnation is considered the best with an antiseptic effect. After applying the product, a film is created on the surface of the material, which provides protection from the thermal effects of high temperature. It is recognized as the most environmentally friendly among all competitors, due to the absence of fluorides and methyl alcohol in its composition.

Color yellow
Consistency viscous
Diluent agent not needed
  • double protection of the material with one tool;
  • there is no need for additional dilution, since the consistency of the substance is liquid;
  • the presence of protection against bio-contamination of various insects.
  • due to the lack of a filter, the wood darkens when exposed to sunlight.

Price: from 4,000 to 4,650 rubles.

I bought an antiseptic to cover the wood floor near the fireplace in the hall and the stove in the kitchen. I knew in advance about its ability to protect the material from heat. However, after covering the furniture on the veranda, it began to turn black and acquire a dark shade. Based on my own experience, I advise you to use it only as a coating in dark rooms.


Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

The consequences of the effective operation of the presented antiseptic remain unchanged for five years. When heavy and massive objects are placed on wood for a long time, it does not crack or settle. The composition does not include harmful components that negatively affect human health. Using two-layer impregnation, the consumption is 240 grams per square meter.

The color of the liquid pink
Opalescence allowed
Application by brush or spray
  • it can be applied on both wet and dry substrates;
  • does not contribute to changing the natural color of wood;
  • eco-friendly composition;
  • withstands heavy loads, preventing damage to the material.
  • the unpleasant smell persists throughout the entire working time.

Price: from 4,500 to 4,700 rubles.

The main advantage that determines my choice was the possibility of applying on wet wood. This allows you not to wait a long time for the material to dry completely, but immediately apply layer by layer, while not losing the effect of application.


Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

An antiseptic that can handle a large number of materials other than wood. When creating it, manufacturers chose an aqueous base that does not contain any chemical compounds that adversely affect the human body. For 25 years, the product helps to destroy and prevent the reappearance of mold, fungi and insects. Due to the composition, the impregnation is allowed to be used only indoors. Otherwise, the efficiency will not be high.

Using inside and out
Concentrate 1:5
Packaging 1-5 l
  • eco-friendly composition that does not contain poison;
  • does not destroy the wood structure;
  • long service life for 25 years;
  • there is practically no unpleasant smell.
  • gives the wood a darker color than the original one.

Price: from 250 to 300 rubles.

I am completely satisfied with the result of applying this solution. The impregnation perfectly fits on the surface, even if it is wooden furniture, and not the floor. It dries completely in two hours, after which you can immediately apply a second coat. During operation, the main advantage is the absence of a sharp and unpleasant smell.

Senezh Of Agribio Prof

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

A fast-acting product that immediately blocks the appearance of insects after application and contributes to the formation of a glossy gloss on the surface. It does not deform the structure of the material, thereby preserving its original appearance. The antiseptic product is valid for 20 years.

Color of the solution pink
Term of protection 20 years old
The smell absent
  • does not change the structure of the material;
  • provides reliable protection;
  • it can be applied with any tools.
  • not detected.

Price: from 400 to 650 rubles.

For a long time, I did not dare to use wood as a floor covering. She’s too much trouble. As a result, during the repair, the choice fell on her. Having bought an antiseptic for wood, I stopped regretting the coating. It lies flat and provides protection for many years to come. It is not necessary to overlap often, as the product retains its original qualities.

Comparison table

In order to facilitate the selection process and make it more convenient to compare your favorite products, we have organized all the main parameters of each product in a table.

Vehicle type Color Glitter Diluent agent Cost (RUB)
Tikkurila Valtti Expert Base colorless water 2 500 – 3 000
Pinotex Natural natural from wood white spirit 500 – 680
Dufa Wood Protect wood Noble matte finish düfa Wood Protect 3 500 – 4 100
Pirilaks-Suite yellow matte finish 4 000 – 4 650
Norteks-Disinfector pink glossy 4 500 – 4 700
NEOMID 400 colorless glossy 250 – 300
Senezh Of Agribio Prof natural from wood water 400 – 650

Lists of the best

Based on the feedback of experienced users, we have compiled a list of the best antiseptics for wood in some categories:

  1. For external work.
  2. Protection against mold.
  3. For old painted wood.

For external work

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

Veres Classic Lazurait is the best means of impregnating wood. The main purpose is to work outside. The product itself is supplied for sale in aluminum cans of various packaging, which allows you to choose the amount of funds based on the tasks set. It has no color, so it retains the original color of the wood for a long time.

Dilution not recommended
Glitter silky-matte finish
Expiration date 5 years old

Price: from 400 to 780 rubles.

Protection against mold

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

Dufatex– colorless impregnation, which has a high popularity among buyers due to its environmentally friendly composition. It is made on a water-based basis, which ensures safety during use.

Gloss silky-glossy
Number of colors 6 pieces
Storage store in a cool, dry place

Price: from 1,200 to 2,600 rubles.

For old painted furniture

Rating TOP 7 best antiseptics for wood: which one to choose, reviews

Dufatex aquait is considered the best impregnation to date, intended for the use of old painted furniture. Great for working on different types of wood. It is highly resistant to sunlight, sudden temperature changes and precipitation of various types.

The degree of gloss silky-glossy finish
Complete drying time 10 hours
Tools any of them

Price: from 3,400 to 4,200 rubles.

What to look for when choosing

It is quite difficult to make the right choice, given that the quality of coverage for many years depends on it. In order to choose the right treatment for your type of wood, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Manufacturer. Popular manufacturers that occupy leading positions in terms of the quality of their product will not upset their customers with low-quality and inefficient products, unlike little-known companies.
  2. The period of validity.The most recommended are antiseptics, the effect of which lasts up to 15 years.
  3. Expenditure.The average value is from 200 to 250 grams per square meter.


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