Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

Most people are aware of the scientifically proven fact that a person spends a huge amount of time in the kitchen, whether cooking or eating. Technologies do not stand still, new devices appear that facilitate cooking. Today we will review the rating of the TOP 7 best electric grills for the home: characteristics, reviews, price and much more you will see in this material.

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

The following models were included in the top LIST::

  • Alcatel Move Time SW10;
  • Aimoto Sport;
  • LEXAND KidsRadar LED;
  • Elari KidPhone 2;
  • Aimoto Sport;
  • HIPER EasyGuard EG-01BLK;
  • Prolike PLSW90.

It’s time to take a closer look at them.

Tefal GC600 XL Health Grill Classic

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

A very large (understandable by the name) grill with a power of 2400 W and a temperature of up to 250C will allow you to easily cook meat of any roast. You don’t have to worry about cleanliness, because the non-stick coating is easy to clean, and the juice and fat tray will automatically clean the device.

Temperature adjustment manual
Max. t 250C
Indicators ready to go

Price range: from 8399 to 9199 rubles.

  • wide panel for cooking;
  • t up to 250 degrees;
  • high power (2400 W);
  • the presence of the ready light.
  • no shortcomings were found.

A good enough model for your money. Steaks are prepared for one or two, as well as sausages, burgers. The coating is of excellent quality, easy to wash, but you need to lubricate a little oil otherwise they will burn. Overall, I liked the device.

Polaris PGP 0903

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

This model received a silver case with manual temperature control and the ability to set a timer for up to 30 minutes with a loud beep ready. The power is 2000 watts and along with a temperature of 240C, this is quite enough for cooking meat.

Timer time up to 30 minutes
Material metal and thermoplastics
Non-stick coating yes

The price tag will be from 7299 to 8199 rubles.

  • availability of thermoplastics in the model;
  • 2 timer setting modes;
  • temperature up to 240 degrees Celsius;
  • support for replaceable panels.
  • short network cable (1 meter).

I liked everything. The cooking process is one hundred percent satisfying, and the meal with burgers and sausages is 200. The coating is easy to wash, convenient timer with the ability to set for half an hour. The only problem is that the cord is too short.

Kitfort KT-1603

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

This design has received a large panel for frying poultry, fish and meat, and is also perfect as a vegetable grill. The heating element located on both sides and reaching a maximum temperature of 230 degrees Celsius will allow you to easily cook and enjoy it.

Heating element from both sides
Total weight 6.2 kilograms
Operation indicator yes

Price: from 7099 to 7499 rubles.

  • availability of the operation indicator;
  • t up to 230° C;
  • spatula included with the grill.
  • short network cable (1 meter).

A great option at a very pleasant price, which roasts absolutely any product and at high speed, for convenience, you can set a timer or start cooking yourself, without leaving the grill and enjoying the process. The problem for me was only a short cable, probably the problem of all grills, before that the same annoyance was.

Tefal GC205012

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

The wide panel for frying and the maximum temperature reaching 230C will allow you to cook meat of any roast. The readiness indicator and the ability to manually adjust the temperature will not allow you to overcook the product and let it burn.

Power output 1600 W
Surface area 550 cm2
Ready indicator is present

Price: from 5499 to 6099 rubles.

  • wide panel (550 cm2);
  • the presence of the indicator for ready meals;
  • max. temperature of 230 degrees.
  • no shortcomings were found.

Nice silver design, the device is made in France, but the price is now too high, a friend bought the same six months ago almost twice as cheap. Roasts perfectly, especially steaks and sausages, in General I like the machine.

Kitfort KT-1601

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

A great option for a silver-colored grill in a thermally insulated case made of metal and thermoplastic. The power of the device is 2000 W along with max. heating temperatures up to 230 allow you to prepare food of any complexity quickly and without hassle.

Power output 2000 watts
Support for swappable panels is present
Material metal and thermoplastics

Cost: from 4899 to 5599 rubles.

  • availability of the operation indicator;
  • high power of 2000 W;
  • thermally insulated housing;
  • ability to change panels.
  • the lack of a timer.

A good grill for your own money was bought 2 months ago and we still use it. The price is a little too high. The cable is short and the liquid does not always drain into the grease tray. The ability to adjust the temperature and the operation indicator pleased.

George Foreman 14525-56

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

The model is an innovative device with an adequate price and wide functionality, compared to other devices in the same segment. The display will allow you to see the set temperature, and the indicator will show the optimal one. The device now has the ability to set a countdown timer.

Surface area 432 cm2
Auto power off yes
Heating element private

Cost: from 4499 to 4999 rubles.

  • auto power off function;
  • the indicator of the set temperature;
  • countdown timer.
  • no shortcomings were found.

European quality is felt from the first cooking, in our case it was chicken and veal burgers. The cable is long enough, the display is convenient, the timer is loud and accurate. The non-stick panel is easy to wash, just like the machine itself.


Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

One of the most optimal options for grills in the budget segment. A distinctive feature of this model is a wide surface area and a temperature of 220 degrees along with a power of 1800 watts will allow you to prepare large products in a short period of time.

Power output 1800 W
Surface area 640.75 cm2
Maximum t 220 °C

The price tag ranges from 3,999-4,399 rubles.

  • wide surface area (640.75 cm2);
  • 2 removable plates included;
  • t up to 220 degrees.
  • no shortcomings were found.

Short cord and often need to clean the tray for fat and liquid, on the cons all. Among the advantages, I note a wide panel and the presence of two more replaceable ones in the kit. The optimal temperature and non-stick coating, along with the ability to manually adjust the temperature, make it easy and fast to prepare dishes, especially meat.

Comparison table of the presented models

Let’s compare our devices.

Model number Power (W) Maximum temperature (degrees Celsius) Availability of a countdown timer Fat and juice tray
Tefal GC600 XL Health Grill Classic 2400 250 +
Polaris PGP 0903 2000 240 + +
Kitfort KT-1603 2000 230 + +
Tefal GC205012 1600 230
Kitfort KT-1601 2000 230 +
George Foreman 14525-56 1550 230 + +
KITFORT KT-1633 1800 220 +

Lists of the best

Let’s take a look at a few devices from additional categories:

  • affordable price;
  • desktop;
  • for steaks.

Let’s go to the description of each model.

Affordable price-Smile KG 942

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

Today we have selected for you a budget model of the grill with a power of as much as 2000 watts, a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and an attractive design. The grill has a non-stick coating, because the model itself is completely made of metal and at the same time weighs only 1.7 kilograms.

Price tag: from 3,299 to 3,599 rubles.

Desktop – BBK BEG2001

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

The model for an attractive price has a power of 2000 watts and a maximum temperature of 240C makes it easy to cook burgers or even steaks. You can easily adjust the temperature manually and change the panels just as easily. The body and coating are made of metal, partly rubber.

The price range is from 3,499-to 4,099 rubles.

For steaks-Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M805

Rating TOP 7 best electric grills for the home

The Russian company known to users of household appliances has prepared for you a grill model designed for cooking steaks and burgers at temperatures up to 240 °C. Roasting levels will allow you to choose the best option for cooking meat, and the non-stick coating and auto-off will not allow this model to overheat.

Price: from 12199-up to 14999 rubles.

What to look for when choosing

There are many different tips, but most of them are not very important information. The final choice is up to the buyer, but we will try to find the aspects that are most important for you when choosing an electric grill model.

First, no matter how trite it may sound, but pay attention totechnical parameters and especially the power and maximum temperature, the first parameter should be 2000 W or more, and the second one should preferably be 240 degrees Celsius, especially if you are going to cook burgers and steaks of various degrees of roasting.

Secondly, one of the main rules that should be followed when choosing a grill is the presence ofof the timercountdown and functionauto-disconnections, after all, initially it seems not so important point, but we assure you the first impression is deceptive.

Final point-look atsurface area, and in General on the dimensions of the device, of course, and on the panel itself for frying, it all depends on the quantity and volume used for cooking meat (for example).

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