TOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality rating

TOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingSo, you have decided to purchase headphones for your smartphone or other device.

And you have already decided that you don’t want to wear bulky overhead headphones on the street or in transport, and you need a headset all the time — and on the road, too.

Then your choice is quite light and unobtrusive compact headphones that simply fit in the ear.

What features do in-ear headphones have and what you should pay attention to when choosing them — we will understand in our article.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Earbuds are a classic of phone accessories, the first headphones that appeared almost simultaneously with the appearance of cellular phones.

Of course, modern in-ear headphones are not much like their predecessors: both their appearance and functionality have undergone major changes.

However, there are still parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a particular model of inserts, namely:

  • earpiece type– earbuds are wired, wireless and “True wireless” (fully wireless), and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages: for example, wired headphones are difficult to lose and usually do not need to be charged, and fully wireless ones have better sound quality and signal range;
  • weight and size, which determine the usability of the accessory;
  • for wired headphones — wire and cable quality, because these parts of the device fail more easily and quickly than others;
  • for wireless headphones — type and version of the wireless connection(usually Bluetooth, and the newer the version — the more features), as well as battery life and charging time.;
  • functionality– availability of buttons and sensors, easy operation of the device, compatibility with various devices, availability of available applications;
  • equipment– a case or case for storing and / or charging, additional ear pads, charging cables, etc.;
  • manufacturer— you should give preference to well-known brands that provide high quality and provide a long-term guarantee for their products.

TOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality rating

Rating of the TOP 10 best in-ear headphones of 2021

Place Full name Price
TOP 4 best wired in-ear headphones
1 Samsung EO-EG920 1 000 ₽
2 Apple EarPods (Lightning) 2 000 ₽
3 JBL T205 800 ₽
4 Apple EarPods (3.5 mm) 2 000 ₽
TOP 6 best wireless in-ear headphones
1 Apple AirPods 2 (with charging case) MV7N2 11 000 ₽
2 Apple AirPods 9 000 ₽
3 Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 3 000 ₽
4 HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 7 000 ₽
5 JBL T205BT 1 000 ₽
6 Hoco ES20 Plus 2 000 ₽

Best wired in-ear headphones

Wired in-ear headphones are still found on the shelves and in online stores, impressing with an acceptable price with a fairly good content and functionality. Consider the pros and cons of four wired earbuds.

Samsung EO-EG920

The wired headset is convenient and reliable for fixing in the auricle,TOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingthanks to ergonomic inserts and special attachment points.

Provides comfortable wearing, excellent sound insulation and convenience.

The case is made of a special sound-absorbing material, which ensures a clear and rich sound of tracks and high-quality speech transmission. One of the best models of 2021.

Technical parameters:

  • type-wired with ear attachment;
  • range / impedance / sensitivity-20-20000 Hz / 32 Ohms / 101 dB;
  • cable-mini jack 3.5 mm, length-1.2 m;
  • additionally — microphone, volume control, ear pads.


  • comfortable fit;
  • good sound insulation;
  • good sound quality.


  • short shelf life – up to 1.5-2 years;
  • they get dirty;
  • low quality of manufacture.

Apple EarPods (Lightning)

A wired, concise headset that fits perfectly in the ear and doesn’t need to be worn on the ear.TOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingcauses discomfort or fatigue even after several hours of continuous listening to music or talking.

Suitable for active classes. Compatible with any device that has a Lightning connector.

You can use the cable to adjust the volume, answer or interrupt a call, and play video or audio tracks. It has a bright sound and a unique body shape.

Technical parameters:

  • type-wired;
  • range — 20-20, 000 Hz;
  • weight-10 g;
  • Lightning connector cable, cable length — 1.2 m;
  • additionally — microphone, volume control from the remote control, answer / end the call.


  • high-quality audio;
  • secure attachment in the ears;
  • beautiful ones.


  • thin, constantly tangling wires;
  • there is no sound insulation or noise reduction.

JBL T205

Stylish and lightweight wired earbuds have larger head sizes to make them more comfortable.TOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingreliable fixation in the ear, and a comfortable length of wire that does not create problems when wearing.

A nice detail — the right earpiece is marked with a red colored dot, and the left one with a blue one, which allows you to insert the headphones correctly at a glance.

A compact headphone control unit is located on the wire.

Provides a good sound and ease of use.

Technical parameters:

  • type-wired, without mounting;
  • range — 20-20, 000 Hz;
  • cable-mini jack 3.5 mm;
  • weight-14.3 g;
  • additionally — microphone, answer / end call button, case.


  • nice design;
  • surround sound;
  • flat non-twisting wire.


  • not comfortable when worn for a long time;
  • they can’t withstand winter weather;
  • there is no function to repeat the last dialed number.

Apple EarPods (3.5 mm)

Wired headset that takes into account the anatomical shape of the auricle, flawlesslyTOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingit is comfortable to use, while maintaining the perfect sound characteristic of the manufacturer.

Effectively cuts out extraneous noise, allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite tracks.

It is controlled using the built-in remote control, which can be used to answer the subscriber, switch or pause the track..

An important bonus — these headphones are compatible with any devices that have a standard 3.5 mm Jack.

Technical parameters:

  • type-wired in-ear headphones with microphone, without attachment;
  • frequency range / sensitivity-200-20. 000 Hz / 109 dB;
  • weight-10 g;
  • connector-3.5 mm (mini Jack), cable length-1.2 m;
  • additionally — microphone, answer/ end call button, volume control from the remote control.


  • good ergonomics;
  • nice sound;
  • no complaints about the build.


  • wires get dirty and tangled;
  • the plug is not very convenient.

Best wireless in-ear headphones

Wireless headphones are modern, stylish and functional. But even such headsets have their drawbacks.

Apple AirPods 2 (with charging case) MV7N2

Fully wireless earbuds are delivered in a case that is both fully functional and fully functional.TOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingwith the charger.

They have voice control: just say “hi, Siri!” to get started — turn on a song, call someone, or turn on Yandex.Navigator.

Just 15 minutes of charging gives you 2-3 hours of headphone life.

They belong to the second generation of AirPods — they have a round shape of the earbud and an elongated leg, which turns the accessory into a futuristic technological decoration.

Technical parameters:

  • type-fully wireless (True wireless) earbuds, without attachment;
  • Bluetooth version-5.0;
  • talk time / work — 3 hours / 5 hours;
  • battery life in the case — 24 hours;
  • additionally — 2 microphones, the ability to answer / end a conversation, audio sharing, volume control, charging case.


  • the sound is close to perfect;
  • convenient storage and charging in the case;
  • it holds the charge for a long time.


  • they don’t hold well in your ears;
  • case cover backlash;
  • there is no noise reduction.

Apple AirPods

Fully wireless headphones with battery in the case. Automatically enabled whenTOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingwhen you open the case and connect to comparable devices, you can set up the app with a single tap, and double-click it to connect it to Siri.

Charges in 15 minutes, only one earphone can be used.

The round earbud fits perfectly in the ear, and the long leg looks interesting and attracts attention.

Technical parameters:

  • type-fully wireless (True wireless) earbuds without attachment;
  • Bluetooth version-4.2;
  • talk time / work — 3 hours / 5 hours;
  • battery life in the case — 24 hours;
  • additionally — 2 microphones, led indicator, automatic activation, ability to answer / end a conversation, charging case.


  • there is fast charging;
  • good sound insulation;
  • light weight, comfortable to wear.


  • the case quickly vycherkivaete;
  • the sound isn’t loud enough;
  • they fall out of the ear.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2

Wireless in-ear headphones with microphone, equipped with noise reduction functionTOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality rating(active).

Looks and shape are very similar to Apple AirPods 2, however, pairing requires a standard button hold on the case.

Practically do not cause discomfort when wearing, they sit firmly, do not fall out even when Jogging.

Controlled by “touching” the outer surface of the legs, give a good sound.

Technical parameters:

  • type-true wireless earbuds without attachment;
  • connection type-Bluetooth;
  • the weight of each earphone is 4.5 g;
  • working time-4 hours;
  • battery life in the case — 14 hours;
  • additionally — microphone, volume control, charging case.


  • a good microphone;
  • good sound;
  • reasonable price.


  • poor sound insulation;
  • quiet sound;
  • not the most successful appearance.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

Wireless open earbuds, available in several colors, will appeal to youTOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingfans of stylish and functional accessories.

They have a noise reduction function, which is carried out quite efficiently.

They are easy to connect to the device, charge quickly (in the case), hold the charge well, do not fall out of the ears and maintain a stable connection..

Suitable for those who spend a lot of time on the road, changing from one transport to another.

Technical parameters:

  • type-wireless earbuds, without attachment;
  • Bluetooth version-5.1, range – 10 m;
  • weight-9 g;
  • talk time / charging — 4 hours / 1 hour;
  • battery life in the case — 20 hours;
  • additionally — a microphone, a case with wireless charging.


  • elegant style;
  • great sound;
  • good noise reduction.


  • it doesn’t work with all smartphones;
  • the case is easily dirty and scratched;
  • low-function control on headphones.


It is unlikely that these headphones can be called completely wireless, since they areTOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingthey are placed on both ends of the wire, in the center of which is placed the control panel, while the connection to the phone is carried out wirelessly.

The length of the wire is comfortable so that nothing hangs or clings during use.

Gives a very good sound.

Technical parameters:

  • type-wireless earbuds equipped with a microphone;
  • connection type-Bluetooth 4.1;
  • range / impedance / sensitivity-20-20000 Hz / 32 Ohms / 100 dB;
  • weight-16.5 g;
  • battery — own Li-Pol 120 mAh;
  • talk / work mode-6h / 6h;
  • charging time — 2 hours;
  • additionally — a microphone, the ability to adjust the volume.


  • reliable wires;
  • fast connection;
  • additional fasteners connecting the headphones.


  • sometimes the sound quality fails;
  • the price run-up is too large.

Hoco ES20 Plus

Futuristic headphones that resemble the design of Apple AirPods 2.

TOP 10 best in-ear headphones: 2021 audio quality ratingTechnical parameters:

  • type-fully wireless (True wireless) earbuds without attachment;
  • Bluetooth version-5.0;
  • range-10 m;
  • talk / work mode — 2H / 2H;
  • charging time-1 hour;
  • additionally — microphone, charging case.


  • the build is perfect;
  • adequate functionality;
  • it’s nice to listen to music;
  • large volume margin.


  • the charge lasts for 1 hour of listening to tunes;
  • poor microphone quality;
  • hard body — puts pressure on the ears.
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