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Huawei smartphones have been familiar to domestic customers for a very long time. The company entered the market long before the now popular Xiaomi, Meizu and other companies from the middle Kingdom. And if earlier their smartphones were of mediocre quality, cost extremely cheap and could satisfy only the most undemanding users, today Huawei is engaged in the production of a medium-and high-budget segment with a unique design, branded chips and excellent stuffing.

It is difficult to stand out from a whole layer of Chinese manufacturers, but Huawei has several trump cards:

  • First, the products are attractive for their availability. You can just go to the nearest electronics store and almost certainly find something from this rating there. The same Xiaomi is still officially sold only in a few retail chains.
  • Second, the design. Even models of the middle and lower segments look quite pleasant and sometimes unusual. With the filling, everything is also good – they use fairly productive SoCs of their own design, dual camera modules, fresh versions of the operating system – in General, everything that a good modern smartphone can not be imagined without. Of course, without quibbling anywhere.

For example, you should not expect Huawei smartphones to be cheap, like other Chinese manufacturers – the price is approximately on the same level as A-brands, like Samsung. The range of Huawei phones is small, but you can still get confused in them.

Therefore, we recommend that you read our rating of the top 10 best models in 2021.

Top 10 best Huawei smartphones

10 HUAWEI Y5 (2021) 32GB

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

The creation from Huawei, which is characterized by the lowest price among other models with the same logo on the case. Characteristics do not Shine with innovative technology: a modest four-core Mediatek Helio A22 processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 13-Megapixel single-module camera, and a 5-Megapixel front-facing module. The battery has a capacity of 3020 mAh, and it is charged via the micro-USB connector.

The budget price affected the filling, but Huawei provided a modification of the AMN-LX1, which has an NFC module for contactless payments. In the reviews, users write that they did not find any serious shortcomings of this model. They complain about the lack of a fingerprint scanner, an outdated charging port, and a weak camera. But they praise the screen with its rich colors and large viewing angles, stylish design, optimized AND convenient emui shell.

9 HUAWEI Y6 (2021)

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

A budget smartphone with the Huawei logo, which the manufacturer has given an increased volume level of 6 dB and enhanced bass. The built-in FM radio can be listened to without headphones, and the audio effects of Histen 5.0 allow you to discover new sounds of familiar tracks and fall in love with them anew.

The Android operating system is now up-to-date version 9.0, so even with the likely impossibility of updating, the software will remain relevant for several more years. The smartphone is suitable for basic, uncomplicated use cases. These include making calls, taking photos, chatting in social networks and instant messengers, running simple games, surfing the Internet, and reading e-books. If the volume level in your phone and the music component in General are important for you, but there are no strict requirements for other devices, then this model will be the best choice.

8 HUAWEI P smart Z 4/64GB

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

A smartphone that features a large, high-resolution screen and a front-facing camera that moves out of the top edge on a periscope. Thanks to this technical solution, the screen turned out to be monolithic, not overshadowed by either cutouts or a single brow. The main camera can not boast of outstanding photo abilities, but it copes with ordinary duties perfectly.

In reviews, users brag about their shots, which they captured with this “Huawei”. Among them, there are supposedly professional shots: the camera with two modules with a resolution of 16 and 2 MP fulfills its megapixels. The performance here is not flagship, but most owners of the Kirin 710 power and 4 GB of RAM are enough for their needs with a margin. The battery is powerful-4 Ah, but without support for fast charging. This is one of the best low-cost Huawei smartphones with a good front camera (16 MP) and a large display.

7 HUAWEI Y7 (2021)

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

An inexpensive smartphone with a large screen and a powerful battery. In addition, the device boasts a separate slot for memory cards. That is, you will connect two SIM cards and a USB flash drive at the same time. The screen is IPS with a diagonal of 6.26 inches and an aspect ratio of 19: 9. the Main camera is equipped with two modules of 13 and 2 MP. They shoot well in good light, but when the light level is low, the photos are covered with a grid of noise and the detail is reduced.

The performance here is at the level of the state employee, which the smartphone is. Here is a Snapdragon 450 processor and 3 GB of RAM. The battery has 4 Ah capacity, and reviews say that its power is enough to maintain autonomy for two days during entertainment and gaming mode of operation. The phone is charged via micro-USB, but for this price it is excusable. This is one of the best low-cost Huawei smartphones from our top list.

6 HUAWEI P30 Pro

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

A stylish flagship with three powerful camera modules, high-performance stuffing and an almost limitless screen. The teardrop-shaped cutout for the front camera returns from heaven to earth, but otherwise the screen, floating on the side faces, looks fantastic. The 2K OLED matrix offers rich colors, a high level of detail, and a wide dynamic range.

Gamers will be satisfied – there is 8 GB of RAM and a processor from Huawei Kirin 980 from the top of the top. The battery capacity hints at a long battery life. And indeed, reviews confirm that the battery life lasts for up to three days with a moderately active smartphone operation. The fast charging function, NFC module, water protection and current Android 9 allow owners to fully feel that this is a cool flagship for their money. Bonus from Huawei-complete headphones with a USB-C connector.

5 HUAWEI Nova 5T

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

A smartphone that set a record for sales among near-flagship models. It captivated users with its design, high performance (6 GB of RAM and Kirin 980 processor), four main camera modules, a large screen with minimalistic frames, and a module for contactless payment. Huawei still has a protective film pasted on the screen at the factory – this is one of the nice bonuses.

The 3,750 mAh battery holds a charge for two to three days thanks to an optimized system. Fast charging is supported, and you can use a standard adapter to charge in a fast scenario. Complete headphones – another bonus from Huawei-sound great. Gamers in the reviews claim that the device pulls their favorite games at a fairly high FPS. The camera works out each of its own megapixels – the smartphone deserves the title of one of the best camera phones for its money.

4 HUAWEI P30 lite

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

This is a simplified modification of the famous flagship, which was famous for its photo capabilities and performance. Here, the manufacturer also focused on the triple camera, NFC module for contactless payment and ergonomics. The device with a screen diagonal of 6.15 inches turned out to be compact and fits well in the hand.

The three-module camera with a resolution of 24, 8 and 2 MP is famous for its optical stabilization and macro mode, which allows you to shoot objects close up, with special attention to detail. The camera’s aperture is F/1.8. the Front-facing module is also good – you can take 32-megapixel selfies with it. Reviews praise this Huawei creation and call it the best value for money when compared with other camera phones. This is a great model from Huawei for those who care about the quality of mobile photography and the design of the gadget.

3 HUAWEI Nova 3i 4/64GB

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

This smartphone has become an excellent replacement for the already outdated Huawei Nova 2. Despite its budget segment, it is equipped with a Kirin 710 processor with an increased frequency of 2.2 GHz. The video accelerator is also one of the best – Mali G51 MP4. There is a powerful 16+2 dual camera setup at the back. The edges of the case have a rounded shape, which pleasantly affects the tactile sensations when the HUAWEI is in your hand or just in your pocket. On the left is a hybrid SIM card slot – you can keep 2 SIM cards at the same time or only one, but with a memory card.

On the front side is a screen with a diagonal of 6.3 inches and another dual camera-24+2. Of the additional options, there is a depth effect that allows you to make excellent portraits in nature. The screen resolution is 1080×2340 pixels. Inside is Android 8.1. the Smartphone is equipped with an average battery capacity of 3340 mAh, which can negatively affect the autonomy. The manufacturer produces this inexpensive model in 3 color options-classic black and white and an unusual iridescent blue version.


Top 10 Huawei smartphones

This smartphone is often compared to the flagship phones of other Chinese companies. And this is correct, because for 30 thousand rubles you get a very powerful and beautiful device. The exterior is distinguished by an unusual glass-metal luster. The coating quickly scratches and the case slips out of your hands, but it looks just fine. There are no questions about the controls – everything is in its place, the fingerprint scanner built into the home button under the screen has a large area and quickly processes data when touched.

Inside, a top-end processor of Huawei’s own production is installed. Performance in games is not the best due to mediocre game optimization, but it is quite enough for everyday tasks. The amount of RAM and permanent memory depends on the version: 4/64 or 6/128 GB. the Proprietary emui shell, based in this case on the latest Android 7.0, works well with RAM, and therefore even the younger version will almost certainly be enough for you. The main camera is dual: 20/12 MP. The second module is responsible for double optical zoom. The images are probably the best in their class.

1 HUAWEI Mate 20X 128Gb

Top 10 Huawei smartphones

Truly the best option for gaming and working, Mate 20X is not just a cool smartphone from Huawei, but a real flagship model, which became the first in our top. The most interesting and important thing here lies not in the screen, but in a well-thought-out portable system for mobile gaming. Inside, this is the same 20 PRO – it has a top-end Kirin 980 processor, created on a 7 nm process technology, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal Memory. The cameras remained the same, of which there are 3 pieces – 40, 20 and 8 MP. The screen size is 7.2 inches with a resolution of 2244 x 1080 pixels.

Another important difference is the 5000 mAh battery, which is striking in its subtlety. To compensate for the lack of charge, a fast charger with a power of 40W will help. A special cooling system efficiently handles the load and removes fumes and heat so that the battery does not get hot even in demanding games. The usual copper tube was replaced with graphene, which gave the 20x model a twofold advantage over the “top ten” in terms of heat absorption.

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