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Sometimes, when measuring precise dimensions, the capabilities of a conventional caliper are not sufficient. At such times, micrometers come to the rescue. These are special devices that can measure with much greater accuracy, up to several microns. Micrometers, despite their minimal measurement error, are not too expensive. Therefore, they should be in the workshop of every self-respecting person who wants to achieve the utmost accuracy when working.

We have compiled a ranking of the top ten mechanical and electronic smooth micrometers. When selecting models, we focused on their capabilities, cost, convenience, and customer reviews that have already used the devices. All you have to do is choose the most suitable option from the ones shown in the rating.

The best mechanical micrometers

Micrometers that don’t need batteries or a screen to display their readings. They have a ruler on the stem with a step size of half a millimeter, and on the drum – a Vernier scale that allows you to determine hundredths of a millimeter. You can use this scale to determine the diameter or width of the part that has been measured. However, you will have to figure out how this works, and read the readings yourself each time.

5 MATRIX 317255

Top 10 micrometers

And opens our rating of the best micrometers model with a low price and not affected by this quality. Quite a decent model for your money, designed to measure distances of 0-25 mm. The micrometer is designed primarily for measurements that do not require accuracy down to the micron. The division price is 0.01 mm, with an error of no more than 2 micrometers. This model will fit perfectly into the Toolbox of a car mechanic, Modeler, or repairman. It will not be superfluous to use the home tool kit.

Made of tool steel of the highest quality. It is additionally covered with enamel, which prevents the appearance of rust. Please large and comfortable pads made of thermal insulation material-for them it is convenient to hold the micrometer or mount it on a special tripod. The heel and micrometer screw are hardened and have special hard-alloy surfaces that can not be erased for a long time even with constant use. This allows the micrometer not to lose accuracy for a long time.

4 Fit 19909

Top 10 micrometers

An inexpensive micrometer that is perfect for people who are not chasing the first class of accuracy and allow an error of up to 0.01 mm (even if the documents indicate +/- 2 microns, in fact it turns out a little more). Ideal for a home workshop or production site with large tolerances. Allows you to measure distances from 0 to 25 mm, shows with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Only one size can be found on sale. In reviews, customers note that some models may require calibration immediately after purchase.

In General, the tool is built reliably, although in some cases it may require minor corrections. The bracket has an overlay and is covered with enamel against corrosion. There are notches on the drum and ratchet, so the instrument will not slip in your fingers. It’s nice that for such a low price, the kit includes a high-quality plastic case and a calibration key. Not happy with the pale scale on the drum and stem – in case of poor lighting or poor eyesight, you will have to look closely at the instrument to take readings.

3 SHAN MK-25 123738

Top 10 micrometers

The tool doesn’t look very elegant, but it does an excellent job of its direct responsibility – to measure. The specific model under review is designed to measure parts from 0 to 25 mm. However, you can find micrometers up to 300 mm on sale, so it’s easy to find the right options for your needs. The instrument’s document accuracy is up to two microns, so after calibration and verification, it can be used even in precision work. You can also purchase micrometers with calibration and even verification for a small surcharge.

The tool bracket has special thermal insulation pads. The measuring surfaces are hard-alloy, carefully ground and centered. The scale is clear and clearly visible, so even people with poor eyesight can use the instrument without discomfort. In reviews, many buyers praise the model, noting its high quality and excellent accuracy. You can safely take this micrometer even for precision production.

2 CHEESE MK-25 0.01

Top 10 micrometers

Micrometer of the domestic manufacturer – Chelyabinsk measuring plant, which is distinguished by the high quality of manufactured instruments and average prices for them. Allows you to find out the dimensions up to 0.01 mm, while corresponding to the 1st accuracy class. It is designed for measurements in the range of 0-25 mm, although models with sizes up to 150 mm can also be found on sale at the factory. In addition, you can find models on sale immediately with verification, which will allow you to immediately use the tool in work and be sure of its accuracy.

The drum and ratchet have notches, which makes it easier to use and prevents slipping. The bracket is equipped with special thermal insulation pads that do not allow the metal to expand under the influence of hand heat. The metal part of the bracket is covered with a corrosion-resistant enamel. The screw and heel are made of stainless steel and have hard-alloy measuring surfaces, perfectly fitted and ground. They will not wear out for a long time, even with active use. It is a great tool for both home workshop and production.

1 Micromar 40 A 4134000

Top 10 micrometers

A professional German instrument that will appeal to specialists who understand a lot about high-quality tools. The micrometer has a division price of 0.01 mm and a minimum error of up to two microns, confirmed by calibrations and verifications. The manufacturer produces various models from 0-25 mm and up to 175-200 mm. It is nice that under the order you can find models not only with a millimeter, but also with an inch scale in sizes from 0-1 to 7-8 inches. It will be useful if you need to take readings in inches at some production site.

The scales are coated with brushed chrome, which simultaneously provides high protection against corrosion and abrasion, as well as facilitates reading. The heel and micro screw are made of hardened steel and chrome-plated, so they won’t rust for sure. They have hard-alloy surfaces with a perfectly smooth and precise fit to each other. The bracket is made of strong tool steel, coated with varnish and enclosed in a heat-insulating pad with a pleasant corrugation for greater comfort when working. There are also notches on the drum and ratchet.

The best digital micrometers

More complex and expensive micrometers that show dimensions on a small display. The device independently determines the position of the micrometer screw and measures the diameter of the part. However, the owner does not need to independently calculate the dimensions using a ruler on the stem – the information will be displayed on an electronic screen. Such models are convenient when you need to make many measurements at once – you don’t have to count every time, just look at the display. They also have increased accuracy – up to 0.001 mm.

5 BISON Expert 34482-25_z01

Top 10 micrometers

A handy 0-25 mm micrometer designed for precision manufacturing applications. The stated error is within a micron, although in fact it can reach two micrometers. By the way, the stem also has a Vernier scale, so you can work with the micrometer even if the battery accidentally died in it, and there is no way to change it right now. It is inconvenient that the model has only two buttons, each of which has two actions recorded. At first, it will be difficult to get used to using it.

The manufacturer claims that the device can be connected to a computer. However, it does not specify exactly how. The body of the model is quite bright, so it will not get lost in the shop or when working on the street. The ratchet and drum have a convenient rubber handle for turning the micrometer screw. Metal elements are treated with enamel to prevent rusting. Solid-alloy measuring surfaces will not deform for a long time, which will ensure accuracy for many years to come with appropriate care. Overall, this is a good and accurate micrometer, which does not cost exorbitant money and is accessible to everyone.

4 CHIZ MKTS-25 148208 4-kN.

Top 10 micrometers

Another high-quality micrometer from the Chelyabinsk tool factory, this time digital. The model is designed for measurements in the range of 0-25 mm and displays readings up to 0.001 mm. The error declared by the factory is up to 2 microns, which corresponds to the first class of accuracy. Naturally, this model has all the necessary functions: setting zero, switching number units, holding readings. The micrometer is assembled with high quality, so it can work for many years. The hard alloy measuring surfaces are perfectly smooth and carefully ground together to ensure maximum accuracy of readings.

The case is protected according to the IP54 standard, which will not allow dust and rain to spoil the electronic elements of the micrometer. In addition to the four-button model, you can find a two-button model on sale – it is several thousand rubles cheaper, but also less convenient, since it has fewer functions. The tool is powered by two CR2032 batteries. A strong plastic case will protect the device from damage.


Top 10 micrometers

A good Ukrainian micrometer of the first class of accuracy. It is considered one of the best on the Ukrainian market and passes metrological control before selling. Despite its not very high cost, it is characterized by good quality. It is designed for measurements in the range of 0-25 mm and reflects readings up to 0.001 mm. The manufacturer’s range also includes micrometers with large measurement capabilities – 25-50, 50-75 and 75-100 mm. The manufacturer claims an error of up to 2 microns, which indicates compliance with the declared accuracy class and is confirmed when testing on end measures.

The case is protected from dust and moisture IP-65. The model can be connected to a computer, but only via the RS-232 standard. No Wi-Fi is not available. The micrometer is sold in a strong plastic case with foam filler. This will protect the precise and fragile instrument during transport or storage. In General, this micrometer can be called an excellent ratio of low cost for a professional tool and high accuracy.

2 NORGAU IP65 041057025

Top 10 micrometers

The second place is occupied by a high-quality, but not the most expensive micrometer. The device allows you to measure parts from 0 to 25 mm. Its discreteness is 0.001 mm, so after calibration and verification, it is suitable for the most precise production. In addition to the 0-25 micrometer, the manufacturer also offers options 25-50, 50-75 and 75-100. Their quality is equally high, so you can choose a model to suit your needs. Buttons on the case allow you to switch between inches and millimeters, hold readings, and set your own zero limit.

The measuring surfaces are made of hard alloys and carefully ground together. The drum is covered with brushed chrome, and the bracket is enameled, which provides rust protection and, accordingly, a long service life of the instrument. It is nice that the electronic filling of the micrometer is protected according to the IP65 standard – from dust and strong splashes and water jets. The instrument’s LCD display is large and clear, so even a person with poor eyesight can read the readings. In reviews, customers write that the micrometer is really very accurate. The model is registered in the state register. After five minutes of downtime, the device shuts down, so the battery won’t just “burn out”.

1 Micromar 40 EWRi 4157101

Top 10 micrometers

A professional tool for those who are willing to spend about 25-30 thousand rubles on a micrometer. It has excellent quality and the highest accuracy. It is designed for 25-50 mm and has a readability of up to 0.001 mm. Corresponds to the first accuracy class. Assembled from high-quality hardened steel and varnished to prevent rusting. The stem with a built-in ratchet has an easy-to-turn handle. The case is firmly assembled and protected by IP65 technology. Naturally, excellent German quality and the ability to connect to a computer directly fully pay for the high cost of the tool.

It has many additional functions – fixing the last value, setting the display to zero in any position, setting tolerance limits and warning limits, switching measurements to inches. The device can transmit all data via Wi-Fi to a computer thanks to a special MarCom application. The main advantage of this digital micrometer is the ability to connect to a computer and transmit data directly. This can make it easier to work when you need to record the received measurements on a PC.

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