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Nokia is a world-renowned brand that has made a huge contribution to the development of mobile devices. Having started developing the first phones in the 1960s, by the end of the 20th century, the company had become a leader and set trends for a long time. For decades, Nokia has been synonymous with uncompromising quality and incredible durability. Even today, after changing several owners, losing the palm tree to more innovative firms and undergoing a lot of changes, the brand has retained its fame as a manufacturer of the most practical devices. In addition, Nokia has become the most versatile representative of the industry, because its developments are not limited to smartphones alone.

Unlike other brands, this manufacturer successfully produces a whole range of mobile devices, including many beloved push-button phones that evoke nostalgia for the early 2000s, clamshell phones and even sliders. All of them are successful thanks to a decent battery capacity, a strong case, good cameras, an ergonomic interface and at the same time quite an adequate price. At the same time, among them you can find both the simplest and most inexpensive models, as well as ultra-modern developments with a huge frameless screen.

Top 10 best Nokia smartphones and phones

10 Nokia 105

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

As simple as possible, basic and most inexpensive, This Nokia push-button phone will undoubtedly appeal to everyone who misses the famous “pebbles” that made the company famous decades ago. The ultra-light and very compact case, which weighs no more than 70 grams, fits perfectly even in a small hand. Large buttons with large visible symbols and a minimum of unnecessary applications make this inexpensive development an excellent option for the youngest users who are just getting acquainted with gadgets, and representatives of the older generation who do not want to understand modern technical delights. All the functionality of this Nokia model is not much different from its long-standing predecessors and is reduced to calls, voice recorder, simple games and radio. But there is a significant difference – a clear color screen.

Despite the fact that the phone lacks a camera and does not even support MMS and Bluetooth, this is the most popular creation of the manufacturer. Customers consider the Nokia 105 to be an excellent budget solution for business calls and family connections.

9 Nokia 130

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

Those who, despite the abundance of smartphones, still prefer the good old push-button phone will probably like This Nokia development. A fairly easy-to-use and lightweight mobile device without frills will please not only with a low price, but also with a good battery. Thanks to the tiny screen and the lack of energy-consuming functions, the 1020 mAh battery capacity is enough for a week of battery life with an average intensity of use. Moreover, in standby mode, the phone can hold a charge for about three weeks.

With its small dimensions, the device has as many as two powerful speakers. Therefore, the call has a good volume. You can also listen to music on your phone thanks to the built-in FM radio, mp3 player and a slot for a memory card up to 32 GB. Unfortunately, there is no camera on the “pebble”. However, it is worth noting that there are still no good pictures on push-button phones.

8 Nokia 3310 Dual Sim (2017)

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

Although many people consider smartphones more modern and aesthetic, hardly anyone doubts the exceptional practicality of moderately inexpensive push-button phones, which, among other things, can pleasantly surprise with an amazing battery life. In particular, this Nokia model, equipped with a 1200 mAh battery and characterized by very economical energy consumption, can easily keep a charge for at least a month in standby mode and within a week with very intensive use, which is an absolute record for both Nokia developments and not the most expensive mobile devices in General.

At the same time, the phone is quite functional for the push-button version. The presence of a basic camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels allows you to take the simplest pictures if necessary. Support for two SIM cards will be very useful for those who prefer to clearly distinguish between business and private calls. Also, many buyers point out the excellent sound, durable, well-fitting body, quick response and a bright flashlight.

7 Nokia 8110 4G

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

Once very common, today the slider phone has become quite a rare type of mobile device, which, however, has benefited this category, because manufacturers have focused on quality and unique properties, and not on the number of models. This review participant can really be called one of the best representatives of this species. A stylish case with a comfortable front panel that securely covers the keys, preventing accidental pressing, makes Nokia development very practical and easy to use. Thanks to its rich, spectacular colors and unusual curved shape, the slider also looks very modern. However, the appearance is not the only modern detail of Nokia.

The slider phone, like running smartphones, supports the use of two SIM cards, is equipped with a GPS receiver and a good basic camera. At the same time, it pleases with the ability to use 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi. Customers also praise it for its good connectivity, high-quality speakers, and interesting new KaiOS operating system.

6 Nokia 1

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

Not too high prices for successful models are one of the reasons why many people choose Nokia. The most inexpensive smartphone played an important role here, because this is a great chance to get acquainted with the brand without unnecessary expenses. The device with the easy-to-remember name Nokia 1 is something to love. Being among the cheapest mobile devices with a touch screen, the development is quite modern. The smartphone received the Android 8.1 operating system with the ability to upgrade to later versions, two SIM card slots, 3G, 4G, voice control and a number of popular sensors, including proximity. Also, the state employee will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of not only the main, but also the front camera. At the same time, its weight does not exceed 131 grams, which is very little for a smartphone.

The device is often criticized due to the lack of NFC, imperfect photos and a meager amount of RAM and internal memory – 1 GB and 8 GB, respectively. But let’s not forget that other inexpensive smartphones have the same disadvantages. But Nokia 1 pleases with the quality of communication, clean Android And the ability to change the back panel.

5 Nokia 4.2 3/32GB Android One

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

If you need a smartphone not only for calls and chats, but your budget is limited, Nokia 4.2 will be the best compromise between price, functionality and convenience. Despite the cost of less than 10,000 rubles, the model is equipped not only with a large bright 5.7 – inch screen, as well as a front and two main cameras, but also with the most useful additions-NFC and a fingerprint scanner. Great news for those who like to leave their Bank card at home and pay in the store with a smartphone using Google Pay. At the same time, Nokia 4.2 received a very good memory reserve for an inexpensive device. 32 GB is easily enough to download dozens of apps. If desired, you can expand the available data space by installing a memory card up to 400 GB.

No less important virtue of the smartphone was the best performance for such a price. A fairly powerful 8-core processor and 3 GB of RAM are particularly noted in the reviews. Also, the advantages include a good battery. However, the structure of the case and the quality of materials, in particular the branded and slippery back cover, are not liked by everyone.

4 Nokia 5.1 16GB

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

A modest budget of 10,000 rubles did not prevent the smartphone from becoming one of the best Nokia devices in terms of functionality and power. After all, this inexpensive device got everything that most users look for for a long time in different categories of phones. The model is equipped with a fast 8-core processor with a frequency of 2000 MHz, so Nokia 5.1 pleases its owners with high performance. An important factor for many may be the fact that the smartphone has received two slots for SIM cards and a full-fledged separate slot for a memory card, so all this can be used in parallel.

At the same time, many users separately note excellent photos on the camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels, which is simply amazing at this price. Also, the advantages of an inexpensive smartphone include a bright screen with a very high resolution for a state employee and “pure colors”, NFC, Android 8 with a simple intuitive interface, a strong aluminum case and a very good battery, which can last for a couple of days if not used too actively.

3 Nokia 2.3 32GB Dual Sim

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

The inexpensive novelty, which appeared on the shelves at the very beginning of 2021, is actively gaining the attention of users, making up not weak competition even for some devices of the average budget. The Nokia 2.3 smartphone has become a real tempter, even in the absence of NFC. A very attractive price does not prevent the fresh model from attracting the eyes with a spectacular and at the same time very strong metal case, perfectly combined with a 6-inch frameless display. A special feature of the visual image of the latest Nokia was unusual colors for this brand, including even turquoise and sand.

The best state employee is good not only for design,but also for stuffing. First of all, he distinguished himself with a battery. The 4000 mAh battery easily lasts for several days, and with not too active use, even for a week. Users also praise the smartphone for 32 GB of memory, decent sound, good Assembly and the accuracy of the Geo-tagging function, which accurately determines where a particular photo was taken.

2 Nokia 8.1 64GB

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

Nokia 8.1 is the most acclaimed modern flagship of the brand, strikingly different from other models not only with a higher price, but also with its appearance, capabilities and memory. While most Nokia smartphones still resemble a heavy brick, the owner of the best functionality pleasantly surprises with a strong but elegant case with a thickness of less than 8 millimeters, as well as a diagonal of 6.18 inches with moderate dimensions. Another reason to praise the device was a good 12-megapixel dual camera, supplemented with an optical stabilizer that effectively compensates for hand shake. Not surprisingly, the smartphone has earned a lot of good reviews regarding the quality of photos.

At the same time, the best features of this Nokia include 64 GB of internal memory combined with 4 GB of RAM and an 8-core processor, support for fast charging standards, and the presence of a compass and gyroscope. A colorful screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2280 pixels in the spirit of the most expensive players on the market, the quality of materials and performance will also not disappoint.

1 Nokia 7.2 128GB

Top 10 Nokia smartphones

The owner of the largest and juiciest screen, the diagonal of which reaches a record 6.3 inches, deservedly leads the TOP of The best Nokia inventions. Belonging to the middle price segment, the novelty easily overshadows the nearest analogues with an original look and advanced stuffing. The smartphone received a record for representatives of this brand 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, so it is suitable even for those who are too lazy to transfer photos and programs to a memory card, the possible volume of which is also gorgeous-512 GB. At the same time, the novelty definitely deserves the title of the best Nokia camera phone.

The three main cameras, designed in a cute round module, shoot with a resolution of 48 megapixels and delight with fast focus. According to reviews, the images are very sharp and clear. Also, Nokia 7.2 will pleasantly surprise you with high-quality selfies thanks to the 20-megapixel front camera. In addition, customers note a good battery and a lot of useful settings.

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