Top 20 attractions in Kenya

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Kenya is one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa. There are 60 national parks in a relatively small area. Tourists visit the country for Safari, animal spotting and visits across the Savannah. Especially interesting are the spontaneous migrations of animals, when more than 2 million artiodactyls begin to move in search of food and water. There are many beaches here, and if you cross the southern border with Tanzania, you can see with your own eyes the largest mountain in Africa – Kilimanjaro. We offer you to learn about the best attractions, national parks, natural sites and museums in Kenya from our rating.

Rating of the best attractions in Kenya

Category place Sight Rating
Best national parks and reserves in Kenya 1 Maasai Mara national Park 5.0
2 Samburu national nature reserve 4.9
3 Ol Paget Nature Reserve 4.8
4 Nairobi national Park 4.7
5 Watamu national Park 4.7
Best beaches in Kenya 1 Diani 5.0
2 Watamu 4.9
3 Have niali 4.8
4 Che Chalet 4.7
5 Bamburi 4.6
2 Waterfalls Sheldrick (Sheldrick Falls) 4.9
3 Lugarda Waterfall 4.8
4 Mount Kenya 4.7
5 Elephant Hill 4.6
The best museums of Kenya 1 Gede Ruins 5.0
2 The Karen Blixen Museum 4.9
3 National Museum of Nairobi 4.8
4 Bomas in Kenya 4.7
5 The Museum Of Fort Jesus 4.6

Best national parks and reserves in Kenya

Maasai Mara national Park

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

The best place for those who want to see animals living in the wild is the Maasai Mara nature reserve-this is one of the most visited places in Kenya, located in the Narok district. It is a continuation of the Serengeti Park. The name was derived from the tribe that lived in this region and the corresponding river. The main attractions can be called a huge number of predatory and herbivorous animals, as well as the migration of antelopes that takes place in early autumn.

The total area of the protected area is 1,510 square kilometers. The landscape of the region is the Savannah with plenty of grass and acacia groves. The Western border is formed by a rift, and this place is inhabited by large herds of herbivores and carnivores. Among the rare species here you can find cheetahs, black rhinos, leopards and other members of the big five. According to tourists, it is in the Maasai Mara national Park that you can find the best places for walking, photo shoots and unity with nature.

Samburu national nature reserve

The second place was taken by the large Samburu national Park, located 350 km from the capital. Compared to the previous one, the size is almost 10 times smaller, but there are much larger height differences. The large Buffalo springs game reserve is located nearby. The area is also savanna, and many palm trees and other plants create excellent living conditions for animals. The characteristic landscape here is dry plains and hills. The temperature can range from 18 to 30 degrees. The dry season lasts almost all summer, during which herds of animals begin to gather EN masse.

The place for recreation is rich in flora and fauna. Big cats live here, and they leave their places much less than in a larger Park, because of their fear of humans. At the moment, you can meet a large population of elephants, as well as other members of the big five. In addition, the national Park is quite rich in birds, which are home to more than 350 species. Anyone can take memorable photos.

Ol Paget Nature Reserve

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

This landmark is located near another major and memorable place – mount Kenya. It is considered one of the best in terms of keeping animals, which makes it a reservoir for many endangered species. In addition to members of the well-known “Big Five”, the large complex has become a habitat for more than 1,000 different taxonomic groups of animals. In the process of a Safari here you can see chimpanzees and other amazing creatures.

Visitors enjoy listening to the guides ‘ stories, as well as observing animals in their natural activities. For example, for rare black rhinos that were included in the red book. At the moment, there are 88 animals here, as well as several Northern white rhinos, which are practically gone on the planet. In this Park, everyone will have a chance to experience the unusual nature of Africa.

Nairobi national Park

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

The oldest place for observing animals in Kenya was ranked 4th in this section of the rating. The reserve has become a habitat for approximately 500 species of animals and birds. This Park is the most successful conservation area for endangered Rhino species. A special feature of the location of the attraction can be called the fact that it is located near the capital. This also creates a number of problems, as residents can disturb the animals. The Park was opened in 1946.

The total area is 117.2 square kilometers, which allows you to cross most tourist routes in a short time. The climate on the territory is mostly dry. You can get here directly from the airport or the city center. To the South is the largest river Mbagathi. The territory of the Park is dominated by flat terrain, as well as dry forests. Tourists highlight the beautiful nature of the area.

Watamu national Park

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

Last of all, I would like to highlight the national marine Park in Kenya, which was founded in 1968. It is part of the large Malindi marine reserve, part of the biosphere reserve. The humid climate on the coast creates excellent living conditions for many animals and birds. Warm water is an ideal environment for fish. Large coral reefs are located near the coast and are considered the basis of the Park’s biosphere. There are up to 150 species of polyps and sponges that provide food for waterfowl.

Watamu is home to many turtle species, and there is also a conservation program in place to prevent damage to the clutches. In addition, this place is a typical nesting area for more than 100 species of birds, including predatory ones and found exclusively here. They can be captured both in natural conditions, and on poles and wires.

Best beaches in Kenya


In the first place is the main beach of the country, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is located 19 kilometers South of Mombasa. Diani beach is over 17 km away. The large area contains many different places for diving, and the extensive entertainment infrastructure allows you to spend passive recreation taking into account local traditions. In the Northern part of the beach, you can find many species of birds that nest here.

Among the advantages are the absence of dangerous predators, large coral reefs and picturesque landscapes. It maintains a stable temperature throughout the year. The climate is warm and humid, and the water is very pleasant. Even in the winter season in the Equatorial country, you can safely swim. For those who like to save money, you can select the rainy season in early summer, when prices will be significantly lower.


Top 20 attractions in Kenya

The next place is occupied by another amazing natural attraction – the large village of Watamu, which is surrounded by many picturesque beaches. This is a true eco-tourist’s dream. From here, you can also swim to the large Watamu and Malindi national parks, where you can meet more exotic species of animals and fish than anywhere else on earth. There are many shops with accessories, where tourists buy a lot of things of local culture. From the beach village, you can see the ruins of Gede.

The water temperature almost never drops below 20 degrees. And in summer, it can exceed +34. the Beach and village are surrounded by many coral reefs, which stretch more than 300 m from the shore and are a recognized tourist attraction in the country. Diving enthusiasts will be able to meet many types of underwater fauna here. Those who have visited this region highlight a huge amount of entertainment and beautiful views.

Have niali

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

Niyali beach confidently takes the 3rd place in the ranking of the best beaches in Kenya. It is close to Mombasa, so it won’t be a problem to get here. A beautiful and large beach with powdery sand is perfect for sunbathing. Long tides have provided a clear ocean floor, and locals are constantly trying to get rid of algae for the comfort of tourists.

Hotels with all amenities and balconies are located nearby. For those who do not want to stay in a room, there are many places for active and passive recreation on the coastline. According to tourists, this place is one of the best not only in terms of diving or swimming, but also to get acquainted with the cultural traditions and sights of Mombasa. 123 restaurants are located nearby, as well as many parks, including the Fort Geezes Museum.

Che Chalet

In fourth place was the beach, which rarely gets into the tops. That is why it is so good, there is practically no wave of people characteristic of this region on it. Here is a Golden sand that sparkles pleasantly in the sun and has an excellent texture. Located on the Kenyan coast, the large beach is one of the most beautiful in the country, attracting tourists all year round.

It is known for its soft sand and very clear water, which is pleasant to relax on, which is the reason why tourists constantly come here. The beach is ideal for water sports, including swimming and diving. It is close to Malindi. The corresponding national Park is located here, as well as many hotels that are located on the coastline. The place for recreation is open throughout all seasons, and the Indian ocean always has a pleasant temperature. Admission is completely free.


Top 20 attractions in Kenya

Bamburi is a unique beach as it is the only one that is free and unlimited to visit in Mombasa. The locals even gave it the name pirate beach. The main advantage can be called cheapness. There are hotels with a price per night of no more than $ 200. In addition, this beach is relatively easy to reach. However, you will have to fly from Mombasa international airport in Nairobi.

The climate on the beaches is excellent. You can swim all year round. The rainy season starts in may and lasts until July. The water temperature practically does not fall below 27 degrees, and outside it keeps up to 30. The humidity is also quite pleasant, as for a similar region. Tourists highlight a large amount of entertainment and people on this beach. If you want a more private place, choose other options.

Best natural attractions in Kenya

Thomson’s Falls

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

A large waterfall confidently occupies a leading position due to its size and location. Thomsons falls is a large natural feature with a height of 74 meters on the Ewaso Ngiro river, which is a tributary of the Ewaso Ngiro, the basin of one of the largest rivers in Africa. The waterfall is located in the North of the city in the Laikipia region.

The height above sea level is 2360 meters. It was discovered by Scottish naturalist Joseph Thomson, who reached the site in 1886. Here you can always admire the flow of water falling from a huge height, as well as provide yourself with an interesting holiday, being immersed in local traditions. All visitors who have visited the city, note the grandeur and beauty of this place. Local residents always offer to buy a large number of Souvenirs.

Waterfalls Sheldrick (Sheldrick Falls)

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

In second place were the most beautiful waterfalls, which are located in the South-Eastern part of Kenya, near the city of Mombasa. A characteristic feature of this place can be called a large number of plants that frame it. Lianas and other flora surround the large waterfall from all sides.

Local government (Kenyan wildlife Protection) services have organized 2-kilometer-long walking spots. The waterfall is 21 meters high. “Sheldrick “has been declared a protected area by the government, and special services constantly monitor its cleanliness. The water flowing from the waterfall joins the river Muramuzi and Ramisi. It is actively used by locals for household chores. Tourists note a fascinating walk along the paths covered with trees, which makes visiting this place unforgettable.

Lugarda Waterfall

The bronze medalist was a waterfall that forms at the place where the Galana river flows through volcanic rocks, which creates a series of rapids along which water moves very quickly. It was discovered by Friedrich Lugard, who was traveling to Uganda. This is one of the few places in Tsavo national Park that is suitable for Hiking. Here you can see atypical geological formations for this region, drawings on stones that appeared after the lava cooled.

You can also explore the area from different sides of the river with many locations. The Kenya nature conservancy has installed several viewing platforms that offer beautiful views of the volcanic rock, Yatta plateau and crocodiles. This place can be safely visited at any time. Lugarda waterfall is located in southern Kenya. Visitors can see a huge number of natural attractions in a relatively small area.

Mount Kenya

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

The rating also includes the highest mountain in Kenya, as well as the second largest after mount Kilimanjaro. The peak is 5,199 meters high. It is located in the Central part of the country, 150 km North of the capital Nairobi. In fact, it is a layered volcano, and relatively young. The mountain was discovered in 1849 and explored in 1887. Across its entire area there are 8 natural zones that have become the habitats of various animals and plants. Therefore, mount Kenya national Park, a world heritage site, was established here. More than 15,000 tourists come here every year.

Around the mountain live 9 tribes, which differ in cultural characteristics. There are many mammals and birds in the forest area. Starting from 2000 meters, the slopes are overgrown with Equatorial forest, where you can find cedars, olives, ferns and giant bamboo. Dense vegetation has become a habitat for birds and animals, as well as large cats. Tourists celebrate an unforgettable experience of visiting the area.

Elephant Hill

Elephant hill is located in the South of the Aberdare range and approximately 90 kilometers North of Nairobi. This is a great place to train mountain climbers, especially those who are going to conquer mountains such as Kenya or Kilimanjaro. The Aberdare range is located to the West of mount Kenya and is almost 90 km long. The same location is a catchment area for all of Nairobi.

There are many Hiking trails that go around Elephant hill. It can be reached from the forest station Nyabini, which is located at a distance of about 4 kilometers from the city center. On the slopes of the ridge there are quite a lot of paths, as well as places for recreation and viewing platforms. It is worth preparing for the high humidity in the jungle. According to tourists, the ridge and mountain are among the best natural attractions in Kenya, thanks to the lush vegetation and active recreation.

The best museums of Kenya

Gede Ruins

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

The Gedi ruins are one of the most significant archaeological sites located in Eastern Kenya. They are located near the town of the same name in the Arabuko-Sokoke forest. It is one of the many Swahili settlements founded in the middle Ages that have survived from Somalia to the Zambezi. In addition, it is the most actively excavated and studied area of Arab ruins.

Gedi includes the fortress and surrounding houses built of stone. An uneven distribution across the city can already tell the user a lot. In addition, there are a number of large areas that have been built up with houses made of straw and earth. Previously, Gedi was a major shopping center, one of the most important on the ocean coast. Here you can also find cultural monuments from all over the region: beads, coins and ceramics, which indicates the connection of different nationalities here. Tourists distinguish this place as one of the most ancient in the country.

The Karen Blixen Museum

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

In second place is a large Museum complex, which is located near Nairobi. The famous Danish writer lived here from 1917 to 1930. The Museum’s collection includes personal interior items that were sold by the author when he moved, and later purchased by the government to create the Museum. Among them, a special place is occupied by a bookcase built for the work of Denis Hutton. Some parts of the Museum contain details of the film “From Africa”.

The building was built in 1912, and the cultural landmark was established in 1986. Here the writer and her husband actively grew coffee, and later they left Africa. Later, an autobiographical novel was compiled. Around this place, the suburb of Nairobi Karen appeared. After the release of Out of Africa, the Kenyan government bought the building and set up a Museum.

National Museum of Nairobi

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

A major national cultural center is located 10 minutes ‘ drive from the center of the capital. It is located in the largest city in the country, and there are many exhibitions dedicated to cultural and historical milestones of the country’s development. It was opened in 1930, and in 1963, when Kenya became independent, the Corporation Of national museums of the state was established.

In 2008, the Museum was opened under a new name, and many exhibits appeared on the exhibition. Among them are a stuffed elephant, expositions that tell about Geology, anthropology and other cultural milestones in the country, including the skull of primitive people who inhabited this region in ancient times. Among the most valuable exhibits are the finds of paleoanthropologists, as well as stands with cultural traditions of the local population. The Museum is perfect for those tourists who like to visit places of cultural heritage of other countries.

Bomas in Kenya

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

Bomas in Kenya is a small tourist village that is located in Langata, near Nairobi. Here you can explore all the major milestones in the sociological development of Kenyan tribes. The village was established in 1971 as a branch of a major Tourism Organization in Kenya and has since become a cultural attraction and mass tourism destination.

Tourists note that they are interested in learning about the lifestyle of people who lived more than 100 years ago on the territory of another country with a different way of life. Here you can see an unconventional view of clay and wooden houses, and on holidays and exhibitions you can get acquainted with traditional dances. The organizers regularly hold concerts and fire shows, which looks very spectacular against the backdrop of decorations made of wood and clay.

The Museum Of Fort Jesus

Top 20 attractions in Kenya

Fort Jesus is a large Portuguese structure that was built in the late 16th century. Several times passed to the Turks, and later was captured by the British. After that, it was used as a prison. After Kenya’s independence, the fortification became a world heritage site. For tourists, you can find a lot of interesting things here, ranging from non-standard architectural solutions, ending with the weapons used by modern superpowers in this region to control the Strait.

The Fort has an area of 2.36 hectares, and the shape resembles a square. Externally, the building looks like an architectural structure of the Renaissance. After the capture of the Turks, they strengthened the Fort, but the original idea of the end of the XVI century was preserved. In the Central part, you can find a Museum with many finds from Portuguese ships sunk in the Indian ocean. In addition, you can find the ruins of a chapel from that time.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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