Watch the best bikes of 2021

Watch the best bikes of 2021

The best bikes of 2021 are presented in this article, which have the best price and high-quality construction.

Also in this article, bicycles for the whole family and for outdoor activities are described.

Cycling is not only an entertainment mode of transport, but also an active sport. For many, Cycling is a life’s work. It is very important to choose just such a bike model so that a person can ride it as comfortably as possible. A professional athlete and an Amateur will not fit the same model, so you need to choose a bike, taking into account its purpose and features of each model.

A Bicycle is the most useful form of transport for human health, its most economical manifestation. At the same time, a two-wheeled companion is great for people of different ages, men and women, for people of different social status and preferences. Cycling allows a person to maintain their body in good shape, strengthening the cardiovascular system, developing the respiratory system, and toning the muscles. In this regard, it is important to approach the choice of transport of this type with caution, informing yourself as much as possible.

Main selection criteria

When choosing a Bicycle, many potential buyers will have to get into a dead end situation, when there are a lot of questions about the criteria for choosing a two-wheeled vehicle. Therefore, below you should familiarize yourself with the most common factors that allow you to decide on your choice. To accurately determine the object of interest, you should answer a number of questions. Important questions that bring your choice closer:

  • What is the purpose of buying a Bicycle?
  • What will be the roads where you are going to ride your bike?
  • What kind of bike is needed for my height and weight?
  • What time of year is the bike purchased for?
  • What price range suits You?

Initially, it is necessary and useful to decide for what purposes the bike is being purchased? You should choose this vehicle based on whether it will be a means of transportation for You, or it will have to cope with the role of a projectile for sports activities, extreme driving. The second important criterion will be the road surface-asphalt or primer. The time of year also affects the bike you choose: for winter, vehicles must be equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers and disc brakes. For people who are overweight or tall, you will need a Bicycle with a reinforced frame. In the end, you should decide on the price range.

Road, city version

This type of bike is designed for riding within the city limits. It is recommended to operate simple road transport at low and medium speeds. Such Bicycle options often suit people with practical interests that require things and surrounding objects to be functional and practical. Thus, a road bike is usually equipped with an attached trunk, basket, headlights, as well as some other accessories, including special shields that protect against dirt.

Position when riding such a bike, the following must be observed: the back should be straight, the legs should be unbent at the knees. It is worth noting that the road version of the bike is ideal for traveling to work, from work, to school. So, for extreme pastime and cross-country skiing for a long time, it is not suitable.

Highway type

This bike is designed for high-speed driving on roads. As a rule, asphalt and rolled-up dirt surfaces are used for driving.

The most important characteristics of a road bike are low weight, high rigidity, and a more elongated fit (in practice, a cyclist’s fit on such a bike is not elongated at all, but just more compact than on any other bike, since it aims to reduce air resistance.

This is why a road bike has a slightly shorter center-to-center distance for the same frame size). At the same time, the distance and speed increase.

The lightest specimens weigh less than 7 kg, which is achieved by using advanced technologies and modern materials, such as carbon, aluminum, titanium or magnesium.

Mountain type of MTB

Mountain versions of bicycles require all structural elements to be reinforced, strong, reliable, and at the same time comfortable.

From the name it becomes clear that mountain bikes are particularly reliable, designed for riding on mountainous terrain for a long time. The bike’s wheels are strong and the tires are thick. The reinforced frame and shock-absorbing fork complement the mountain transport experience. Bicycles that have only a front shock absorber are called hardtails, and front and rear bikes are called two-suspension bikes.

All the components of a mountain bike needs to be carefully adapted to drive through the mountains. The braking system of a Bicycle designed for mountain skiing deserves special trepidation: disc Bicycle brakes are highly reliable, since driving on hilly and mountainous terrain is very dangerous for humans. Currently, manufacturers produce a huge number of bicycles designed specifically for descents and jumps in mountain conditions. The comfort component is demanding for the seat of this two-wheeled vehicle.


Stunt enthusiasts are well suited to this type of bike. It is the BMX bike that can provide the cyclist with opportunities to perform spectacular, spectacular and complex tricks. Such options are rarely used for riding, and therefore some models do not have a saddle.

Small overall dimensions make such a bike a means of providing everything you need for great maneuverability.

This type of transport perfectly copes with various road surfaces, including asphalt and dirt. It is noteworthy that BMX bicycles are able to move even on railings. Such a bike must have a reinforced frame, reinforced fork, due to which the probability of getting a transport breakdown after stunts is significantly reduced.

Hybrid and cross-country bikes

Bike hybrids are mostly used by fans of Cycling tourism. Models of this type are chosen for tourism because they are adapted to normal road surfaces in the form of asphalt and mountainous terrain.

In fact, these bikes are universal and can simultaneously satisfy the wishes of people with active and practical views.

Hybrids can develop a fairly good speed while driving, while they are subject to various roads. They are equipped with speed switches, a strong frame, and reliable braking systems.

The requirements for the hybrid, put forward by the operating conditions and users, are the highest. The design may include a trunk, as well as mud guards.

Teen and children’s bikes

Here the name speaks for itself. The world of children’s bicycles is also very diverse. The main gradation is based on the age and height of children-from the smallest bicycles with 12″-inch wheels, to teenagers with 24″-inch wheels.

An additional gradation can be attributed to the performance or style of each specific bike — it can be a smaller copy of a mountain bike or a beautiful cruiser.

Children’s bicycles are bought for growth and change quite often, barely keeping up with the growing child.

Manufacturers understand the reluctance of parents to spend too much money on a new bike every couple of years, so these are the simplest bicycles equipped with the most necessary things for the child to learn to ride and have fun.

Regarding the brand and cost of the bike

The cost of a Bicycle is determined by the complexity of manufacturing its frame and components, the manufacturer’s brand rating, and the location of the Assembly shop. The General trend is that the more famous the manufacturer, the more expensive the bike. But at the same time, you get high build quality, carefully designed frames, and a branded, recognizable bike style.

For example, Specialized, Trek, Scott, Gaint, Cannondale, Merida, Bergamont, etc. the Bicycle Frame is the pride of the manufacturer, it is the face of the company, all scientific developments, design and ergonomic solutions are invested in it.

As a rule, the cheapest frames are steel, followed by aluminum, carbon and titanium. Also, the cost of the frame is very much affected by its uniqueness and all sorts of tricks for its maximum relief and strengthening.

Components are also manufactured by several separate well-known companies, which also compete with each other. The most famous manufacturers of Bicycle components are Shimano, SRAM, Suntour and RST. The cost of Bicycle equipment is determined by its reliability, durability, quality of work, and weight. The most important components that you should pay attention to are the shock absorber and gear shift.

The shock absorber not only softens bumps, but also prevents the wheel from losing traction on uneven roads, significantly improving the bike’s handling. The better the shock absorber, the more reliable it is, the longer it lasts, and allows you to accurately adjust to the cyclist’s weight and road type.

The more expensive the shock absorber — the better. The simplest bicycles are equipped with inexpensive spring-elastomer forks. Mid-level bikes are equipped with oil-spring shock absorbers, while semi-professional and professional models are equipped with air-spring forks.

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